May 13th, 2019


Room Progress Closet Done

Well it has been crazy here in a good way. Since Chris works in the plumbing business he asked one of his plumber friends if he could help us fix stuff that needed lots of work. He came over last Saturday. I had bought two toilets to fix both bathrooms. But only one fit in my jeep. He helped me off load it. Luckily the people at Lowes said it was ok to pick it up later. The plumber helped me get it out of my jeep and put it in the garage. Then we drove to lowes and he loaded the second one on my jeep and I took it home while he picked up some parts for the jobs. He installed the toilets and fixed some problems the previous owner had done "fixing" the bathroom. I hate how the last guy thought he was a handyman but we've just had to fix everything he's screwed up. So we got a new toilet, new shower and valves. The plumber had to cut a hole in the wall but we didn't mind. So long as it fixes it. He installed a panel so in the future we can easily access it if it needs to be repaired. He said it can be painted which is great. I will definitely paint it. I finished the first wall in the master bathroom with the bamboo wallpaper. It is looking great! It will definitely look like Jurassic Park once done. I think the hardest thing now will be replacing the door. But I'm looking forward to painting the door and putting the custom sign I bought for it.

Here is a screen cap of the JP bathroom. It's all bamboo. The door has a sign and two sections of Bamboo.

Here you can see a close up as Donald Genaro shuts the door. What's nice is my bathroom has white tiles like that already so just adding the Bamboo wallpaper will make it look just like this. I can't wait to get that sign.

Ok so next is my couch.

My budgie couch! I got these budgie pillows a few years ago. I had to cover the couch because the fake leather was peeling. I might cut those sheets and make them into custom pillow cases so it will be cleaner and easier to sit on. This also folds out into a small bed for one person. So our house is guest ready.

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