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10 November 2018 @ 10:33 am
Ok got some pics to share finally. I need to get all my days into a post as well as make videos. So I got ready the day before which was Oct 27. I had ordered a new cage skirt for Bullet's travel cage. It was a bit expensive but worth it in the end. I tested it out and it fit perfectly. I put Bullet on top of it for her approval.

I love the blue color and it had little bird and moth swirls on it.

Bullet actually looked at it. That was great. I've only had one other bird that understood what the command "Look" means. That was my blue and gold macaw Joel. I used to say to him, "Look!" and he would look where I was pointing. Most birds stupidly look at your hand when you do that. Joel actually learned to say "Look!" and used it when he wanted me to see something. So I knew he knew what it meant. That's a complex cognitive function for an animal because in means they have to understand the thoughts of someone other than themselves.

So we left on Oct 28th. An 8 hour drive but much longer than that with all the stops we made. We stopped every two hours to stretch our legs and walk around. I wanted to drive through Atlanta because despite my phobia I actually handle low speeds very well because if traffic stops it gives me a chance to breath and think. I'm not in a hurry so I don't get mad about not getting anywhere. The only thing that was stressful about this was I didn't know what lane to be in front the start. If I know which one it is so I don't have to change then this would be very easy for me. I did have to change a few times because I don't know this city. We made it though and I think I drove another half hour after that then traded places with Chris. We stopped at a Longhorn and had a yummy meal. This is where I discovered spaghetti squash. They were offering it as a side dish and since it's the Fall I said why not? Try something new. I didn't like it at first but after stiring it up all the sweet stuff was at the bottom and I really liked it at that point. So we made it to our aunt's house in Georgia and by then it was night time. So we didn't do much else but unpack.

Oct 29th. Chris's birthday. We decided to go check out Burt's Pumpkin patch which is something we've wanted to do for years now.

It was beautiful. One of the owners told us this was nothing with how many pumpkins they had in September. With Halloween only a few days away I hadn't thought that yeah probably most pumpkins would be sold out or the best ones were gone. It's not a pick the pumpkin from the vine farm but still I was thrilled to see so many pumpkins, Indian corn and other Fall related things. Also we were starting to see some of the leaves change colors. And this cold air was a bit new to us. Luckily I had bought us all new winter clothes though we still hadn't figured out what jackets went with what to make us feel warm.

Fall picsCollapse )

So that was the end of our first day. Chris had an amazing birthday. He loved it. I'm so happy I could put this trip together as his birthday gift.
10 November 2018 @ 02:12 pm
Day two was a day to do whatever. We decided to go back to Burt's Pumpkin Patch. What's funny is that the point was to bring the Scary Fear plush for photo ops, but we forgot him again like we forgot him the first time. Oh man! Well you know at that point in the parking lot I realized I DON'T like the new plush at all. He's poorly made and I've been calling him "Another pretender to the throne". So he was boxed and thrown in the back of the jeep for the rest of the trip. No travel buddy this time around sadly. But we got a second chance to take videos and photos.

They had rows of this mini Indian corn for sale. I didn't buy any but I loved the purple colors of this group. Third from the Left if my fave.

We drove to the Burnt Mountain over looks. Still not fully Fall. Lots of green. We LOVE that pointy mountain. I wonder what it's called and if you can get up there hiking or driving?

More mountains and FearCollapse )