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14 September 2018 @ 07:42 am
I worked all day yesterday by myself. I can't believe I've gotten nearly the whole garage cleared out. I'm very excited that this stupidity with the estate is nearly over. But we're not there yet. So garage and my room are way better now. Most of the stuff is now in the living room. It's very possible that the jeep can go in tonight or this weekend. I'm looking forward to turning my computer room into an art room.

I have been watching the radar closely. I see Hurricane Florence is making land fall. Good luck to those of you in the Carolinas. Luckily it's down to a Cat 1 right now and will continue to weaken once it's on land. I found this article showing beautiful photos of the hurricane from space.

I'm hand feeding Bullet again. She got pretty bad for a while so I fixed up her medicine formula. No fun for any of us. She hates being force fed, but she was so hungry she took some of the formula the first time. I felt like she was a baby again, but then she started to fight me. But the change was instant. The tumor hasn't grown any I don't think but who knows what's happening inside how it's pushing on her intestines. Poor budgie. Her birthday is getting closer though. It's the 17th, this Monday. I want to do something for her. Some kind of budgie party, even if she's the only one there.
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14 September 2018 @ 03:30 pm
Today has been an excellent day and though it's far from over I had to post about this now. I planted my cutting of my Dragon Fruit today. It's a variety called Condor and is purple.

Here it is at the base of the purple Sully post. I took this through my window looking down. So nice to be able to get to the window of my room. It looks tiny but most of it is buried underground. I hope it will grow huge. It has new growth already. And while I was planting this I saw a pair of Baltimore Oriels in my tree. I was so happy. I haven't seen one in years. Such bright orange birds. I just stared at them. I didn't have a camera unfortunately.

Then I got to work on the garage.

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