June 19th, 2018

George Angry

George dream

I had this dream two days ago. Should have written it down then but it was Sunday so I was super busy all day and then yesterday was a very low energy day for me. I don't have much of the dream left now but I'll try to write what I can remember. This dream was like watching a movie. I wasn't any of the characters I don't think which for me is very strange as I always participate in the dreams. It took place in modern times in a big shinny city with tall buildings. Possibly Dallas. George was with Leeanix and they were enjoying their time together. They were inside a restaurant or a bar or something. There were glass windows and you could see outside. This was on the first floor at street level. Someone must have threatened Leeanix or started it with George because it turned into one big fight very quickly. George took hybrid form and I was just amazed at his awesome fighting skills. He could block, evade and use his tail as a shield. I don't remember if this dream became gory. I don't think it did. I remember George rolling over a counter top to avoid an enemy. And his thick plates protected him the few times he took a blow. His fighting style is just brutal. Nothing graceful about it. Power hits, punches, kicks and tosses. He killed everyone by the end of this fight and I think he just walked out.

Not much else going on at the moment but I had a great Sunday and will make a separate post about that.