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Battening Down the Hatches

Happy December everyone. Christmas is here. I'm still reeling from such an awesome thanksgiving. It's back to work for Chris. I think this will be his first busy day as everyone is coming back from Thanksgiving. I really shouldn't be online right now but I'm taking a break before getting to work today. I have a lot to do thanks to the stupid weather. I saw we were getting a cold front and the low for tonight had been posted as being 40 degrees F. Well they changed it and now it's supposed to be as cold as 34. That's only two degrees above freezing. Yikes! That means EVERYTHING has to come in. Birds and all plants. I've been working on the garage because I hope to clear a wall so that I can set up shelves and lights in there since we only have one working bathroom now. I can't put the plants in the bathtub of the guest bath anymore. But I didn't make it in time. So I have to bring in plants and figure out what to do with them. I'm also sick of the stupid pink lights I bought last year. They work fine and the plants do like them. They are full spectrum LED's and they do save electricity and money. All that is nice but they are pink. I can't see the plants. I have to turn them off to see the real colors and I'm sick of that. They finally make normal full spectrum colored LED but can't afford them yet. That reminds me. I need to make a wish list for this year. I'll post that tonight. So anyway annoying pink lights. This is one of the ones I have.

If you look at the review photos you'll see why I'm starting to go crazy. I do like colored lights for ambiance and decoration. Like behind a TV or computer. But when I'm trying to work and see things as they are this totally sucks.

So as far as plants go I've gotten a lot of new cactus and succulents. I've gotten Stapelias, Huernias, Orbea and one rare plant that turned out to be a disaster. A friend of mine was recommending a rare plant that is majorly endangered in the wild. I wanted one because I strongly think that the survival of many species lies in the hands of captive breeders and private collectors as habitat is destroyed for one reason or another. So I got one of these little succulents the other day and I was so happy. Hardly any info is known about them. It's an unrooted cutting which I'm not a an of. Luckily the guy had two so I went ahead and ordered a second one since it's a breeding program and you need two of everything like Noah's ark. Well I was taking some photos yesterday and closed my blinds because it was too bright in my room. I keep the plants in the windowsill. I forgot to open the blinds and it turned into an oven and my poor plant got cooked. I felt terrible. I almost cried. It's still alive but shrivled and looks nothing like when I got it. I was so happy when I first unboxed it. So now I have it in a special "intensive care" area. I watered it despite being a super arid species. I didn't mean to recreate Mars like conditions. I have a motto. "If there's green there's hope." There is still green but it looks so bad. I hope it makes it. I will be more careful with the next cutting but if this one doesn't make it then I'll only have one. Assuming I can get them to root. I don't like unrooted cuttings but there's not much choice in this case.

I'm taking down the Thanksgiving decorations and slowly putting up Christmas. I'm not doing much this year. Mostly it's the little dinning area that gets decorated now til things get back to normal. And I need to finish the stupid wall paper in the master bath already. So I hope to try to work on all that today. Bring in plants, put away Thanksgiving, work in garage and work on master bath. Ha, yeah that's not happening today but I'll try to do some of these four things. And I'm extremely creative. I want to work on Fear art and stories but just can't right now.

Lastly budgie update and I really should get going. Minion is doing great. He's up to 120 words. He's learned "Shiver me timbers" and "Walk the Plank". but not all the words. He can't say "walk" but says everything else but not in order. The funniest thing he said the other day was "Minion's a plank!" Chris and I both laughed so hard. We also had a short funny conversation. He has learned to say "YES!" He says it very confident and forceful. I hadn't realized my YES was so strong he picked it up. He was saying gibberish the other day and some bad English he said, "Nautica taste." So I asked him, "Nautica wants to take a taste?" and he looked and me and yelled "YES!" Like of course you stupid human. Haha. Or he didn't like being reminded he'd left out a bunch of words in his sentence.
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