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Great Thanksgiving

This year has been the best Thanksgiving I have ever had. We mostly stayed home during the day. I had a morning coffee and it was nice because I was watching a jeep review on youtube and Chris watched it with me. After that we watched a bunch of review videos on the new Toyota Tacomas. We both agree we like the TRD Pro better than the TRD Off Road. The Pro is like the Sahara vs the Rubicon in Jeeps. They are the luxury version while the Off Road and the Rubicon are focused more on off road as it says. We both like the fancy tech. Oh but before I go on I haven't posted here my new Jeep tail lights. These turned out almost perfect.

That little break on his eye on the passenger side and on the top of his head does bug me, but other than that it looks amazing. And speaking of custom stuff I have gone ahead and ordered the custom Bullet the Budgie cap. The artist told me it was no problem to add the eyelashes and change the colors. I can't wait to get it. Don't know how long it will be in production.

Then we had our Thanksgiving lunch. I don't have a lot of decorations for Thanksgiving but here's what we had.

Our turkey deflated and sad when he saw the roast chicken. Haha.

My view of our table as I sit across from the turkey. We were onto dessert and I was having dragon fruits. Notice Megatron and Optimus Prime. Chris bought those for me. I saw them at Walmart and really wanted them. Now they are part of our dinning table. I do play with them and make them fight haha.

I pulled these guys out last minute. I figured I needed to or they'd just be boxed for another year. My beloved turkey gourd I built a few years ago. My plush turkey. My pilgrim squash geese and my mini Thanksgiving pics. With the anti-Christian mentality going around in our nation it's very hard to find Pilgrim anything. When I was a kid the pilgrims were the most boring thing wearing brown and stuff like that. I much preferred the colorful Indians and turkeys, but always knew about the importance behind them. I never forgot that. Seeing our history trying to be buried is wrong so now I try to collect pilgrim stuff when I can and prefer it. I hate it when ignorant idiots say it's just a food holiday. No it's steeped in history, escape of religious persecution from the Catholic church and the founding of our great nation. That's why I like the cartoons The Mouse on the Mayflower and Animated Hero Classics William Bradford. Though for kids they don't hide anything.

My other display shelf. Those are the three pumpkins Chris bought me this year at Cracker Barrel. That card is from Walgreens. We shop so much there they sent us a card. I loved it because it's my fave pumpkin breed the One Too Many. So I decided to display it.

And this is the new cabinet I bought to hold bird food in. It is now a nice display for holidays too. That glass pumpkin is out all year. That blue pumpkin is the one I hid when ACTipton visited me and I bought it later. And those white turkeys I bought years ago I think at Michaels. They are like this sandy white plastic. I was going to paint one and keep one white in case I messed it up. But I never painted them and now not sure how or what paints to use. I guess they'll stay white.

We watched the presidential turkey pardon which is a great American tradition. You guys might not know that the president has the ability to pardon criminals without them going to court if he thinks they have truly repented and no one can say anything about it. Well this extends to turkeys doomed to the slaughter. So I think it's great that one turkey a year is pardoned by the president and can live out his life at a special farm. No one can now touch this bird for harm. It's a fun light hearted tradition. Here's the video from this year.

My mom and I had a tradition too. We would watch the Macy's Day parade and at the end Santa Clause comes out making it officially Christmas. So to me after that Chrismas is here and we can decorate. We'd start to put the tree up. Well we still can't do a tree this year because of the mess. But I bought a string of 200 LED lights and Chris helped me light up my jeep. Here's how it turned out.

Side view.

I'd like some lights to go across the top like a light bar.

Here's the view from the back. I love how the tired turned out. I'm amazed the lights paired up and the colors matched. That was not planned. I don't know how it worked out like that.

I do want to get another set and do the top, the running boards and the back so it's jeep shaped no matter where you see it from.

Well that night I wanted to go do this photo op. Chris was amazed I wanted to drive at night in the dark. I told him we needed to while I was brave. Fear must have been out to lunch or something. Also I just wanted to go to the Publix parking lot since I figured there would be no one around and we could park under a light or under a shadow. Well I had no idea Chris would have such a fun time. He got so giddy when I turned on those lights. HA, INTP shows emotions. I got some reactions from other cars. People were definitely looking. It was a bit odd for me seeing how happy this was making people. Chris was laughing so much. I just wanted to test lights and take pics. Ha, I didn't know I was bringing Christmas cheer. Too funny. Well too bad I won't get to use them much as I rarely drive at night. But it's nice to have. So I do want to get one more set to fill out the parts that are missing.

Then we came home and relaxed the rest of the day. I watched him start playing God of War on PS4. In this story Kratos has a son. The first boss battle was very cool. We enjoyed that. So yeah, great day and we were as always very much in love and so happy to be together.

Ok so I have finished the art for this year's card too.

I love it!! And also I have printed half the cards I need. They look great but the paper is flimsy.

Other than that they look great on glossy paper. I am out of ink though which sucks. I need to buy more. I hate printing. Ink is over prince. It's worth more than oil or gold. That's just messed up. Ok late Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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