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Jeep and junk progress

I finished the art for the Christmas card yesterday and started printing. It's looking very nice. The only stupid thing is that the "card paper" I bought last year for this is too thin. It's glossy and lovely but it is soft like a brochure. It came with envelopes and I see they tried to make up for that by using thick textured envelopes. The envelopes are ugly with a red line on the back. I have nice colored ones but they are made of paper so these cards would get crushed in the mail. So I do have to use the ugly envelopes the paper came with. Other than that dumb thing they look great. I hope my printer ink holds for as many as I'll need.

I'm working on making paracord grab handles for my neighbor for all the work her and her husband have done on my jeep. I hope I can finish this in time. They have a four door and I'd love to make them a full set of handles. But wow that's a big gift. That's four handles for each door, four door catches and two rear seat handles. I'm gonna need a lot more paracord. I've also misplaced at least three D rings. I'm waiting on several to come in the mail still, but they are coming from China. I hope some of them get here within this month at least. After this I need to make a full set for myself. Luckily I have a 2 door so I only need half as many handles.

I've been working in the garage again trying to meet my end of the year deadline. It's getting close. I've actually gone through all of the photos finally. I think. With my mother's stuff as you know she has tons of it. Multiple copies of the same photo in different packs. Even when she had stuff put on CD she had copies of the CD over and over like 10 copies. WTF? No joke. And what's worse is they were copies of bad photos. I threw out at least five CD's of nothing but the same 10 blurry flower pics. WHY keep that let alone make so many CD's. I get so mad that she was so wasteful and irrational and I'm still paying for that. To make things worse the photos and boxes smelled disgusting. Some were making me sick. All her stuff reeks because she loved to spray perfume into drawers and boxes to make them smell "nice". Well the chemicals break down over time into new unpleasant compounds. I used to like most scents when I was younger but now I mostly like no smell. Also her and I were very different on preference. She loved floral while I preferred fruits if I had to have a scent. But I was never a fan and men's perfume wasn't any better.

So anyway the photos are all ruined that way. I threw out all the old photoboxes. I bought some "ugly" ones that I don't care if they get stunk out for now. I went through everything and kept maybe 10% of the photos which is still a lot. Next I will try to sort things by date as best I can. Mostly by decades as I'll never know exact years let alone months. A few had dates stamped on the back but not many. And I then plan to find a photo place and have everything digitized. I'd rather they go on a thumb drive than a CD because it can hold more and it's smaller. Once that's done I can throw away the photos. I feel a bit weird doing that as that will be the end of the originals but you would not believe how much photo junk there was. I can't believe I had two storage units of stuff. Two large storage units of her junk and now it's down to about three walls in our small garage and a bit in the living room. Lord help me. This burden is almost lifted. I'll be so proud once it's done.

I should be getting my custom tail light covers today. I can't wait. I hope they'll be as awesome as I'm imagining them.
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