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Jeep Updates

So I am impatiently awaiting some custom tail light covers for my jeep. I finally found an artist, or in this case a black smith, that can make my tail lights with my Fear head. I had contacted another guy that told me it would be hard despite me doing most of the art for him already and then he would not reply to my questions. If you can't do it just say No. I'd rather have a NO than to have a maybe or to be left hanging. Of course I won't like it but then I know to move on where with a may be I will most likely keep at it so it's in both our best interests to tell me yes or no. But they sent me back the modified art. I guess now I'm in line for them to start the cutting work. Gosh I can't wait. But I know it may take a while. They said up to two weeks.

I also had the break light installed finally. jokerforever, I think that was a birthday gift from you last year. It's so cool my neighbor just knew electrical work and finally got it installed. I'm posting the link to the video so you guys can see but not the viewer this time because the thumbnail is ugly.
But it looks so neat now.

I've been working in the garage. Still sorting through boxes but really it's really coming along finally. There really is less stuff. I am still going through some of my mom's junk but hope that it can finally be gone before the new year. I want to see lots of walls in the garage. Funny enough Chris and I were talking that even if we got everything out and got rid of the washer and dryer (this is all hypothetical. They work fine and we need them) we still might not be able to get Bruce his truck in the garage. He might fit if he goes all the way to where the machines were but he'd have no room on the passenger side. I don't think I could get the jeep in either. I'd have to get in and out through the trunk haha. I've done that a lot actually. But yeah 80s and 90s houses weren't designed for the giant trucks of the future. Luckily my jeep is stubby. I don't know if a 4 door jeep would have fit. It's a two car garage but I question if two modern cars or trucks actually would even fit with everything emptied. I got everything out of my mom's garage when I sold that house and Bruce still didn't fit so that you could close the door.

I find it funny and annoying how I keep getting emails and letters from my dealership wanting to buy back my jeep. My jeep is in near mint condition the way I take care of it. It has few miles. Around 19,000 which is great for 3 years old. So let me share a funny email I get from time to time.


We often receive requests for pre-owned vehicle models similar to yours. According to our records, it appears you have approximately N payments remaining on your 2016 Jeep Wrangler and are paying approximately $NNN.

Being able to acquire vehicles that we have either sold, serviced or both that we can add to our Pre-Owned inventory is the best possible scenario. In a search of our customer records I identified your car as a perfect match for us. As compensation to you, if we could upgrade you to a newer Jeep Wrangler keeping your payments about the same, would you consider letting us purchase your car?

Best regards,
Jeep Manager Guy

I also get ones in the mail showing me new pretty jeeps for only 15 dollars more a month. NO! Here's the thing. The jeep is almost paid off. They don't want payments to end. They want to keep us in debt so they want to sell us a new car so we start another cycle of a 6 year loan or whatever. Also unlike other cars the jeeps keep their value. And with the upgrades I have made it's worth more now than when I bought it. Most cars devalue the moment you drive them off the lot. Not jeeps though. There's even a dealership in downtown Tampa that sells nothing but "used" jeeps, but they are majorly expensive because of all the custom stuff the previous owners added. So you see the trick. Keep us in debt for another loan cycle and then they'd make money selling the jeep twice. I totally see what they are up to and besides I wouldn't ever sell my jeep. He's part of the family. He's like a pet. I had my Camaro for over 20 years and refused to sell him until he just was run into the ground and died. Poor car. I miss him. I plan to take better care of this jeep and have it forever. This particular email is funny to me because it's so arrogant. They searched and found MY car and it's Perfect for THEM. It is perfect for them. I'd get the bad end of the deal. Oh and they want to put me into a new Sport which is actually worth less than my Sahara. But even if they offered me a Sahara or a Rubicon I would still say no. Again Fear's part of the family now.

Lastly I'm waiting on some Christmas lights to arrive today because I want to add lights to the entire jeep this year. Not just the spare tire. People decorate their cars here and it's so nice to see that at night. I did buy some rope lights for the running boards but can only use those when parked because they are blue. But they look so cool.
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