Des (thagirion) wrote,

My First Digital Speed Paint and This Year's Card

I'm very happy to have finally made a video of my drawing process. Or part of it anyway. I get sick of people asking me how I make my art and when I explain it they still look at me like I'm speaking Chinese. I also used my new mic to voice over this. I hope to make another video later on where I show the whole process from pencil art on paper to coloring in photoshop. But for now I can just show people this. I mostly get that question now a days when people ask me how I made my jeep hood. So enjoy my first speed paint.

This is almost ready to go to print. A few minor things to fix and add still. I hope my printer can handle it this year. I'd rather no pay to have it done as I have to go to down town Tampa for that and the paper is never as bright or shinny as my own work. Although it's better than the garbage Staples puts out.
Tags: christmas cards, scary fear, videos
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