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Fun few days

Well this week has been very fun and active. We've been cleaning up and getting our house ready for guests. I think I mentioned that the plumber finally fixed the guest bath. All that's left is for me to finish painting the walls in there. Chris had the day off on the 6th and we just finished when we got a call from ACTipton that here and her mom had arrived in town. They came to our house and I showed them around. They got to meet Minion and Nautica and Emma and all my other birds and plants. I showed ACtipton my art, my Bibles and my collections in my rooms. Stuff like budgies, JP etc. That night we all ate at Saigon Cafe. On the 7th I had a full day with her. We had originally planned to go to Tarpon Springs but with only one day most of it would have been wasted driving back and forth. One day is never enough visiting us. This has happened before with other guests. But there's plenty to do just at my house and in the area. We spent a lot of time playing with Minion and he was very good. Mr. Chatterbox talked the whole time which was nice. We went to Hobby Lobby for a while to look at all the neat art stuff and holiday decorations. But I wasn't feeling too well. I hate it when I get this way and it messes up doing fun things. We watched the Thanksgiving Cartoon Mouse on the Mayflower. That was fun. Oh and since it's Thanksgiving I showed her all my little Fall decorations and pulled out the cute inflatable turkey. We set him up at the dinning table and laughed so much that it was like having another dinner guest. Oh and ACTipton found the oreo cookies. They were the double stuffed kind. She told me she makes quad stuffed ones by putting two together. I'd never seen that and we were laughing so hard that then she added a third making hexastuffed and finally a fourth making it octo stuffed. It was a huge cookie at that point and she ate. I laughed so hard I cried. Then that night we met up with her mom again and the three of us ate at the Little Ninja Thai Japanese restaurant. It was so delicious. We agreed it was better than Saigon Cafe. They visited again and said bye to Chris because he'd probably be gone in the morning. Unfortunately I was right about that and he got a job. "Boy I hate being right all the time" one of my fave Malcolm quotes. So ACTipton was dropped off at my house for a quarter day in the morning. We just took it easy in my room. I'm so glad she liked my little computer room with all its colors and budgie decor. She also liked the bathroom though that has a ways to go still. Her mom picked her up because their next stop was Ocala. I spent the rest of the day watching youtube and doing nothing.

I felt like I'd been on vacation and was so drained. The next day the 9th I had an easy do nothing day too. Time to recover from so much fun. Minion has mastered saying "Adventure is OUT there." in the tone Ellie from Up says is. I can do her voice so he's learned that. A cold front began to move in which I was not happy about. I know the 50s isn't cold to the rest of the nation but we Floridians hate it and heaters were already selling out in stores. Yesterday the 10th we were finally going to get to meet Chris's parents for his late birthday dinner. I took a shower in the morning. That was a mistake. I got chilled and never could regulate my temperature. Though the day warmed up nicely into the upper 70s I felt very bad most of the day. I still went to dinner and enjoyed it but wasn't really there and don't remember much. I had to wear light pants and a light long sleeve. I've been watching Chris play the download for Horizon Zero Dawn. That has been fun. So today I'm still not well. I hope I get over this. I don't like how the cold messed me up. This week will be typical of our winters which I hate. Temps will be up and down so you have one good hot day but then a cold day so you can't put the pants or jackets away for good. I hate the weather this time of year. I keep saying it but I wish we were fully tropical. No cold weather at all. None of peninsular Florida is tropical, but the Tampa Bay Area can't grow coconut trees but south Florida like Miami can. But they are not tropical either. They do get cold weather. Only the southernmost keys are below the tropic of cancer.

I'm on my jeep kick again. I've placed an order for custom tail covers. They will have my Fear Logo. I can't wait for that and hope they will turn out perfect. I need to start to work on this year's Christmas card already. Perhaps I can start that today.

So yes, this has been a good busy week.
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