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Happy Fall

Ah it's November now. I had a very good October. Halloween was nice. I stayed home and worked on the house mostly. Mike invited us over for a bon fire and candy. I figured we would even thought it was a last minute thing. He's done so much for us. Chris got off early and we went over. I had bought pumpkins that day and left some with Mike as well as some cupcakes and cookies. The fire was cool and the biggest one I've been to yet.

I've started my November Bullet journal and it is a challenge writing in limited space. I've been writing my to do check lists on another piece of paper. I may keep it and tip it in at the end of the month.

I've had it with the broken sinks. Luckily Chris found a plumber finally that can help us and he should be coming over today to get the guest bath done. Mast bath is not ready yet. But we've been washing in the kitchen sink which has been inconvenient. So hopefully he'll come out today and also fix a leak we have on a hose bib.

There's an Etsy shop that makes knit budgie caps. But they come as a white face male and a yellow face female. Of course if I buy one I want it to look like Bullet as I feel now Bullet represents me when I'm not Fear. So I took their sample photo and edited it.

Mine is on the right. I made the eyes pink instead of grey. Made the cheek patches lavendar and the nose/cere brown. And I added eyelashes. At first I wasn't sure about the eyelashes but without them she does look like a male despite the brown nose. Bullet was a girly girl so I think this will work and there will be no mistake this is a female budgie even among non bird people. The only bad thing is she's white. Always the problem with figures of Bullet. She'll get dirty easier than the yellow face would. What do you guys think of my version?
Rarely does it get cold enough in Florida for a cap like this. But there are a few days it could be used and definitely I could travel with this to cold areas.

ACTipton80 is visiting me towards the end of this week. We're both very excited. I can't wait. YAY!!
I've been using Chris's mic for voice overs. He's sweet to let me use it. But I need my own. Can't wait to get the white one but I'm going to try to hold off to see if there's an after Thanksgiving sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Here's this year's table.

Well I have had my art tablet for 9 years now. Got it Dec 18, 2010. Here is the old post.
Too bad the old photos aren't working since those are on photobucket. Well my tablet is starting to die. It won't always turn on and I have to restart the computer for it to register. The cable is bent and I'm surprised that hasn't broken, but I love the length of it. Since I got this I have always wanted a cintiq. Now a days regular android and apple tablets can be used for art and are accessible to anyone. But back then a screen you could write on with a stylus was just for pro artists in studios. Cintiq is still available but no longer the best though still the most expensive. So I am hoping for Christmas to upgrade to an art tablet with a screen at last now that they are affordable. My old one is an Intuos 4. Funny enough the one I want costs what this one did back in 2010. I also found out my computer that died I got in 2009 so I was right. My computer lasted 10 years. I still hate windows 10 and which my old puter hadn't died. My tablet was expensive. Chris and I had to split the cost but it has more than paid off for itself literally with the commissions I have done over the past 10 years. I just hope it can make it til December of this year as I want to save up for Christmas.

And I have the jeep bug again. My focus is shifting back to art and jeep customization. Amazing how seasonal I am. There are so many cool mods I want for the jeep. I have held off on many because I didn't want to dump money into a car that's not paid off. The Toyota is almost paid off and I want to help with that first and then focus on paying the jeep and getting some mods done on it. I still wish I had two jeep. A 4 door to make Fear art on and a the 2 door to be unrestricted and turn it into a JP Jeep.

Well I better go. I have a busy day today but not much energy.
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