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Halloween eve and birthday

Thanks to everyone that wished Chris a happy birthday. We had a very nice time though some change of plans. His mom called him early and he has a flu or cold. So our dinner with the parents was unfortunately canceled. We were looking forward to it. I hope she gets well soon and we will reschedule. So we went out for lunch and he chose Outback Steakhouse. I had the most awesome burger with blooming onions and sauce on it. I think what made it so good is they finally cook to order. I like my meat medium rare and they only used to do medium and would get that wrong over cooking it. But this time I got exactly what I asked for and all the spices were awesome. Chris got a seafood mix thing with lobster, shrimp and stuff like that. Oh and earlier that morning he opened all the gifts I got him. I got him a bunch of stuff this year like a digital wall clock, as USB case holder for his car and some other stuff. He was very happy. The rest of the day we just stayed home watching stuff and gaming.

I'm currently waiting for his last late gift to come today from Amazon. I actually went out today to look for pumpkins. Of course finding a pumpkin on Halloween eve is very difficult. I finally found some at a produce stand. They were being ransomed because they probably know they are the last pumpkins in town. I may or may not carve one tomorrow. I haven't decided but I was happy today that the well known youtube channel among bird people on youtube, Kiwi and Pixel the Parakeets used my pumpkin template last year. I only just found out and commented to them.

This made me want to draw new budgie template because my two are still the only budgie pumpkins online. Here are the pics you can download if you want them.

The hardest thing about drawing carving pics isn't drawing them. It's figuring out what parts need to be cut or scraped and making thick enough lines to leave on a pumpkin. I'd like to do one with Fear this year but I have to think of a cool pose and so far nothing on that. Actually I'm working on a Fear drawing that I'm inking that I hope I can get done as this month's Halloween drawing. If not well not sure. I'm also trying to finish my drawing for my November Bullet Journal.
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