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Minion 100 Words

Things have been going well. I started the painting in the bathroom and made the water gradient but didn't paint the sandy bottom yet. I got very weak after that and the next day I had no energy. I did work on my bullet journal and made some new Fear art I hope to color as a digital piece. Been doing lots of traditional but I miss my true calling which is digital. So many ideas for that still. I got pretty much all my washi tapes and stickers in the mail finally. Got some cool space stuff from England so I'm looking forward to doing a space theme in my new book. Art wise I'm done with this year. I can't wait to start a new book. My current Bullet journal is almost done. I only had two pages left for Nov and December so not a lot of room to work with. Because of that they'll be done quickly. I'm just not sure what to draw for my main pic on those pages. I hope today I can work on at least making the ocean floor for the bathroom. Then I will need new paint colors to draw the rocks and plants.

Big news. Minion has reached 100 words! I'm so proud of him. Teaching him songs is the way to build his vocabulary. Right now I'm teaching him to sing "Someone's gotta be first. All things gotta be faced. Someone's got to brave the worst. Someone's gotta take a taste". That's from The Easter Bunny Is Coming to Town. I love this song.

Minion quickly picked up "Gotta be first". So now he has a new favorite verb and he's going around combining it with his other words. He loves saying. "Gotta be a budgie." I'm quite behind on posting his videos. We're up to part 6 now and his old stuff he's mastered the pronunciation.

This is his latest talking video. He finally learned "I come from the land down under." He says that A LOT now. And he said "Happy" for the first time in this. He learned that from the Happy And You Know It song which he now has nearly the whole song too. Funny enough I wasn't trying to teach him that. It was just part of the funny trick to get him to flap his wings. "If you're happy and you know it flap your wings." And he would flap. But bonus side effect he learned the song. Here's the short clip of that.

Here's my October Bullet Journal. My last big entry in this book.

Tomorrow is Chris's birthday. He's been having nice days. I'm glad I could help make him so happy that he's finally excited about it. YAY! I am too. I'm very much looking forward to giving him the rest of his gifts and later going out to eat with his parents. He hasn't chosen a restaurant yet. Funny enough he asked me where I would like to go. Oh nooooo. I told him it was his birthday he had to make the choice. Ha ha.
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