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Finally progress on guest bath

I'm very proud of myself. I have spent all day today painting. The guest bath is finally at a place where I could paint and we can start to put the furniture back in. I'm going to post everything behind the cut.

I borrowed some sanders and tools from Mike. Despite having a powered sander and other stuff I could not get that yucky brown glue and some of the rubbery calk off the wall. Chris tried and he's way stronger than me. So screw it. I think most of that will get covered anyway with the new sink. I did patch the holes and do dry wall repair myself. Added the mud and fixed it. I hate these stupid wall having that orange peel texture from the 80s. One of the few bad things of the 80s. It felt a lot smoother and once painted looks like part of the orange peel so I'm done caring. Ideally if I had it my way; to quote Megamind; I'd have the walls and the ceiling removed.

Just a funny photo. I took the door of the hinges and put it in the bathtub.

Ok wall is taped and white primer covered all the patches and yucky stuff.

Blue base color. This is the same blue as my computer room. I love it.

Ok wall is now painted. I had no idea what I was doing so I did my best to make an ocean gradient.

Ok I'm pretty proud of myself. Not bad for a first time. I was fighting with the stupid orange peel texture though. That made it hard to make smooth blends. I do want to fix that "hill" over the toilet. I don't like it. But it's a shame this will mostly be covered when I put the sink and the cabinets back on the wall. So that's why I didn't bother to add rocks and plants and fish. I'll get to see what I have to work with once this is done. The wall across from the toilet will be fun as it will be a huge canvas for me to play with. So yeah very happy. No more painting though til the sink is back in there.

As for the other bathroom, after all that work I'm thinking of taking down all the wallpaper. I know I worked hard on it but doing this gives me confidence I can paint the bamboo on the walls. And painting that would be easier than painting an ocean scene. Chris also think there might be moisture behind the wall paper and might be causing the smell. You guys read my Amazon review. The stupid paper is also shrinking. I did buy more cement and another roll but I think trying to fix what is there is a waste of time now. Chris may be onto something about the smell too. It looks awesome but just does not work in a hot and humid bathroom. Sucks so bad. I'm very confident I can paint it myself though. I have time to return the roll of wallpaper I bought. I'm very disappointed in what a fight that dumb thing has been.
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