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Slow progress

So things are going well. Been very busy. Mostly the bathroom have been annoying. Chris got the old sink out over the weekend but it was glued to the wall so heavily. We're not sure how to get the glue off as using a metal scraper hasn't worked. I'm hoping to borrow some tools but that has majorly slowed everything down as far as starting to paint the darn thing. The master bathroom is all patched and I should start to prime it with white today then work on repairing all the bamboo wallpaper in there. What's annoying is that we need to have both done because we only want the plumber out here once so we only pay him once so it's not good having a hold up.

Art wise I have been very busy. I'm thrilled I got my first interleaved KJV Bible. That means one blank page between every normal page. Lots of room for art. I like my other art one but I've been getting annoyed with the lack of room and that when I want to draw a favorite verse something else is already drawn on it. The only thing is since this is not an offical journaling Bible I'll have to test all my pens and paints to see if it can handle it. The pages are very thin.

I did get some Faber Castell watercolor pencils which I'm happy about. I have to learn how to use them. But I might do better with them than with regular water colors. I used my cheap water colors just to try out a first page.

This is not bad but they are chalky and pale. I think this could have been better with better paints. So I hope the pencils will work for me. I did not draw those words or the Earth. That was already there.

We went to the pet store to pick up some supplies for the birds. We bought new water bottles but unfortunately they don't work. I'm disappointed because I love the colors but they constantly leak. I'm glad I noticed when I did and that I had a cup under them because a third of their water had gone out and the birds were drinking from the cups. But we got a new hanging ring toy I've seen other birds use. Minion was afraid at first but then liked it when I put Nautica on it and he got on. But Nautica wasn't too keen on it because Minion was bothering her. I finally put her there alone and she chewed the ropes but I don't think it's her thing.

The bullet journal is coming along. I'm almost done catching up on the older months. I decided to do summaries of what happened in them and thank goodness for LJ as I was able to get lots of stuff two write about. I'm still working on April then I should be done. Nov and Dec will get one page because I'm out of pages in this book. I'm hoping some art supplies I have ordered from over seas will come in soon. I got one order coming from Japan that's a bunch of budgie stickers and tape. The other is from England. Can't wait.
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