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Lots of progress

I'm very happy with how things are coming along. A few weeks ago I bought a linen cabinet to use as a bird pantry. I keep all the bird food, toys and dishes in it for the outside flock. My birds in my room, Minion and Nautica, have a small wall size one. I bought a second one because I love these so much to actually use for us in the bedroom. We have a black one I inherited from my mom but I've never liked it. The first one was easy to build. I only needed Chris to hold the door so I could get it on. But this one though the same model had damage in shipping. Luckily I was able to fix it with wood glue. It has a few cracks but I can fill those in and paint them. I'm glad it worked and it gave me way more problems than the first one. But it's finally done. Renovation has started for Chris's bathroom too. I bought him a new sink vanity, new mirror medicine cabinet (the old one broke and I had to) and a replacement cabinet all in white which will look great with the ocean Subnatica theme. I also bought the first paints from Lowes. I have lots of drywall repair to do first but then I hope to start on the fun part which is the painting. For now I will make just a blue gradient and a simple flat ocean floors. Later on I will add detail. Putting all the cabients back on the wall will let me know how much room I have to play with too so I'm not going to bother drawing rocks and plants because I don't want them to be covered up as I don't know where the new furniture will go exactly.

Here's what I'm hoping to draw on the main big wall.

Here's how the bathroom looked. I've already torn out the wall cabinets and the sink will come out soon. I have to fix all those holes today.

Here's my jeep stuffed. It barely fit. Jeeps are actually small cars. Well the two doors are. Four doors are large and can carry way more. The 35 inch cabinet for the master bath would not have fit. Chris had to pick that up in his truck for me.

Here's the new blue knobs on the cabinet doors. So much nicer than the ugly ones it came with. I've gotten pretty blue and green knobs for all the bathrooms.

Here's the new cabinet for the bedroom and you can see the small one for the guest bath on the floor. Love those blue knobs. I'm keeping the doors off til it's on the wall for easier mounting.

And here's the bird supply cabinet. You can see cockatiel art on the bags of the bottom shelf.

Here are Minion and Nautica playing.

I have to be careful when I come back in my room. Sometimes the birds are on the floor. This time Nautica was on my couch. She's also landed on my game chair which makes me think she's trying to usurp the throne. But she hates that blue budgie plush so Chris thinks she went over there to attack it.

I forgot to put this in my videos but I posted this little sign on Minion's cage when we went to Sanibel. It says.
"Hello. My name is Minion. I'm a male budgie. I'm on vacation."

One day we met one of the ladies that cleaned our room and asked, "Did you see our bird?" And she goes, "Oh Minion?" YES, he is becoming famous that people know him by name. It's great. I'm so glad I did that. Ha ha.

Speaking of birds Minion is doing amazing with new words but it's so hard to get him recorded saying the new stuff. He's a chatter box though. Always talking if there's noise in the room. Last count his vocabulary was up to 85 words. He's said for the first time today, "We'd have landed by the time you get it right." He finally got "I come from the land down under." Sort of. He had a super hard time with Land and used to say "I come down down." He finally says land but has a hard time with "under". And he tends to drop the "We'd" from the new Jurassic Park phrase. He's also learned to scream "SECRET!"

I'm very happy that the Etsy store Birbr got that budgie keychain back. Remember I lost mine. I don't know how it vanished. But she got a new one too just of white budgies so I ordered that and also a bunch of other bird stationary from Japan. So I will be posting a big haul video eventually. I'm almost done with this month's bullet journal. I'm just stuck on what to draw for the Halloween page. Definitely Fear since he's the theme but I don't know what. I'm open to suggestions on that.

Well I better get to work. I have tons to do today.
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