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So I have been very busy. I end up getting very busy and creative this time of year in the Fall. I love it. Ok I can finally talk about this stupid fiasco with the bathroom. Remember I had done up the Master bath all nice to look the the Jurassic Park outhouse and we'd had plumbing work done. After that it started to smell getting worse and worse. I thought because the guy was a smoker it had gotten into the wall but no it was not that. What happened was since we had had the leak mold built up. I could not go into the bathroom at all. This happened when we took out the sink and vanity because I had bought a replacement one. The leak warped the wood and I could not close the doors. So we took out the old sink but could not put in the new one. And then there was the terrible smell. It was so bad I could not sleep in the room. A few nights I had to sleep in my little art room and I'm so glad we had that little pull out bed. So we couldn't finish the project. Chris eventually cut out the bad drywall and washed the walls and everything with bleach. That didn't work. We looked up remedies online. Vinegar was suggested. We tried that. Didn't work. But now the smell was chemical and not smokey mold. I still couldn't go in and we couldn't leave the door open. Without a sink the only thing working was the toilet so basically I had to move all my things to Chris's bathroom the guest bath. So we were using that and taking showers in there. We left the window open in the other room and and all the scrubbing heat and humidity ruined the wallpaper I had put in. The bamboo wall paper. I have a HUGE rant about that paper anyway. Actually you can read it here on my Amazon review.
I remembered we'd had an incident like this where something was stinking up the house and it turned out to be a wet rag that had dried and was out of sight. I asked Chris if any rags were left behind in my bathroom, but there were none and there as basically nothing in the room. What could be stinking? We'd also been airing out with the fans blowing out an open window and nothing was working. Then Chris realized there was a paper cup under the plumbing fixture that was open. The bad chemicals had gotten into it and absorbed the smell. He took it out and threw it away. Now the bathroom is fine. OMG all these months wasted because of a paper cup. How did we not see it? But I was so thankful and happy he figured it out finally. I was starting to go crazy missing my bathroom and how nice it was. So now we have to fix the whole in the wall, paint it with water proof pain for bathrooms and then get the plumber to come back and install the new sink and cabinet. Then the major stuff will be done there. I will have to fix the wall paper still and if that fails then plan C is to paint the bamboo on as a mural. I know I can do that.

And I'm also remodeling Chris's bathroom. I bought him a new vanity sink, new mirror medicine cabinet and new cabinet. I'll have pics of before and after that. For him he's getting an underwater theme probably of Subnautica (the video game) plants. so that means I have to paint that one wall behind all the cabinets and sink before they go back in. Lots of work before we hire the plumber again. I have considered the possibility we'll have to wash our faces, hands and brush our teeth in the kitchen til this is all over.

So here are two more videos from our vacation. The last two so far though I plan to do a video just of the hotel soon.

Oh my Bullet the Budgie channel I have made an art challenge for November for those that do Bullet Journaling. Here are the words. Feel free to do any or all of these on any media you want. Please help spread it around. I'd love to see what people do with these.

Speaking of art. I am working on my Bullet Journal again. I'm working hard to try and finish October. I'm already a week behind. I can't believe I've been Bullet Journaling for a year. And I ran out of room in my book. I have two pages left so I will just squeeze Nov and Dec into them as a basic calandar. Then in Janurary I can start a new book. I'll finally use one of those Scribbles That Matter that gave me such a hard time when I ordered the different colors. You guys know I hold grudges forever and I am still not happy about the stupidity with that company. So it's been rather busy in a good way. I'm very happy.
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