Des (thagirion) wrote,

We had a great time in Sanibel

Hey guys we're back from our vacation and had a great time. Minion came with us and I'm so glad I brought him. I had started to miss him before I had even left. He was chirpy in the car on the way there but he didn't seem too happy to be in the new room. It was very dark so he might not have liked that. But we did take him out with his cage to get sun for half an hour a day. Here are two videos of our trip.

I'll post the last two in a different post. We had a lot of fun. Our "hotel" was so nice. It was a little green house. The beach was right outside our door, a very short walk to it. Sadly our little private beach had yucky water the whole time. The water at Captiva Island and at Lighthouse point was better but there were no shells there. Also they had more violent waves so no snorkeling in the ocean the whole trip unfortunately. We went to two shell stores. and She Sells Sea Shells. I liked both but although had way higher prices they had a way better selection and more display rooms. It was set up more scientifically with professional shelves and a museum area where as She Sells Sea Shells was more touristy so the first one appealed to me more. But both were good and highly recommended. I got my first giant horse conch that I have been wanting from Sea Sells Sea Shells and she also gave me a free scallop that I didn't find out about til we got back to our cabin. I was so happy and surprised. "What's this? Where did this big scallop come from?" It was yellow and pink, one of my fave color combinations. The restaurants were good but expensive though. I loved Sanibel Cafe because they had tables with shell display covered in glass. We got to see a few of the rare Junonias in stores and restaurants, but we didn't find one. They are super rare on the beaches with the stat being one person finds one per day. With so many tourists on Sanibel those are very bad odds and lots of competition. It might be why there were no shells at Lighthouse Point. We got there to late and all the gastropods had been grabbed. Also I was told by many we were here at the wrong season for big shells. But it was the right season for fewer people. We loved how dead everything was and at times we had the beach almost to ourselves. Ha, are you a tourist if you live in the place you're visiting? I think not. As a native Floridian I don't consider myself a tourist when I go to other cities in my state. And having a camera doesn't make you a tourist either. I've been a photographer since before there were digital cameras. So yeah those were our first two days. Lots of fun.

Happy October 1st!! OMG my fave holiday is this month and one of my fave month's and Chris's birthday. Just a wonderful, beautiful magical time of year. I love it. I'm feeling pretty good today. I have more energy than I've had. Pray I am on the mend. So much I want to do now.
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