Des (thagirion) wrote,

Amazing talking budgie

Hi everyone. Been a while since I posted. All is good. Just been busy. Well not all. Had some medical issues. I think it's better now. Just pray for me please. I'm feeling pretty good. I've been working with Minion mostly and am thrilled at how far he's come. Last time I counted we're at 67 words. Possibly more since he's surprised me with a few I did not teach him and I was not sure if he actually said. I'm behind on posting his videos so here they are.

He finally Learned Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day everyone. We managed to sort of learn Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me just in time.

And with all this craziness going on I totally forgot about our trip next week. Sooo, today I will be working on fixing up the house, getting the food ready to make things super easy for Mike and start the packing. We will have internet access so I'll be able to post everywhere and maybe possibly post videos too. We're going in the jeep as it's a perfect beach vehicle. Oh no means I have to wash it. Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow morning. It will just get full of sand again haha. The only bad thing is it's lovebug season. Started at the first week of Sept. We're going to have it bad on the drive. Poor jeep. I try to avoid driving it during the two lovebug seasons but I'd rather take the jeep on vacations than Bruce. It's more comfortable and more fun. Plus poor Chris is so sick of Bruce driving him all over the bay area everyday. I ordered a new dive mask. I hope it will get here today like they say and that it will fit me and be comfortable unlike the last one. I'm looking forward to the shelling. I hope we find bunches of cool ones. And wish us luck that one of us finds one of those rare sought after Junonias.

Possible names for my English budgie girl.

Aggie, Betsy, Delta, Enola

Which do you like?
Tags: budgies, minion, travel
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