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Things are going well

Wow it's September already. Fall is here. Now I don't mind that Halloween stuff is poping up a bit early as nothing happens in September. I'm very happy because my friend Mike can take care of my birds while I am gone. I had been looking into other places but gosh yeah so glad this is working out. I'd like to bring Minion and Nautica with me in a travel cage. The cages are smaller than their everyday cages of course. The biggest problem is they are so small I don't think I can keep both of them in the same cage. Parrotlets are notoriously aggressive and should not be housed with other birds. Budgies are jerks that don't know when to stop and that no means NO. I think she would kill Minion.

The green cage is new. When I saw it I had to have it. Loved the color. But when I got it home as you see it is smaller than the purple one. We'd have to take both cages which is annoying instead of taking one but if I want both birds on the trip I think I have no choice. I do have another older cage that's the same size as the purple one. It has a draw bridge like door that opens like from the old castles. Makes an extra platform for the birds to stand on which I have always liked. Funny enough, when I first got the green cage Minion was terrified of it. I had to put it where it is now next to the cages but he would not come to the left side of his cage where the mic is. So I had to put it on the floor for him to get used to it. Then I moved it here. And I put toys and millet in it. Nautica had no problem she's not afraid of anything. So with her help Minion finally stopped being afraid. I leave it open and both go in and out of it.

The other options are to only take one bird. Which one then and which cage? And the third and easiest option is take none of them. Mike can take care of them. The problem with this option is both are bonded to me. I spend hours a day in this room. Nautica freaks out when I leave sometimes. It's annoying. Minion would be fine. So I'm still unsure of what to do.

Here is a video showing what a jerk Minion can be to Nautica.

Notice how he knows her name and uses it properly. He's fast to run from her strikes too. But not in a small cage.
And here is a very funny video of Minion. I called it BatBird.

So other than little details I'm looking forward to my trip. I hope I can get motivated to work on more card art today. I'd like to try to draw Quetz. I think he'll be hard so I hope it won't be too bad.

Well the hurricane came and went. The media as always blows it way out of proportion and idiots panic prematurely. Gas and water ran out last Saturday. The 31st. We had Sunday off and were amazed and thrilled that everyone had vanished. The hurricane was 4 days out and in that long of a time the forecast can change and be totally wrong. It did majorly change and in the end it goes up the East coast not making land fall. Other than almost not being able to work because of lack of gas, (I filled me jeep as back up just like I did during Irma) we were glad it was dead. We also got two days off because no one was thinking about service calls. Chris and I are veterans at this 40 + years. We know when to stay and when to leave. Well we've never had to leave though that plan is in place if need be. We also don't worry if it's a low category 2 or less. So we're glad the stupidity is finally over.
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