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Another Treasure Island Outing

Well I was right in yesterday's post. I was out all day. I headed out to Treasure Island again to test out most of my new gear. I got there right after a light storm so there was hardly anyone left on the beach. My new snorkel works fine. Though it's a bit big for my mouth. I can get used to it. Or get a kid's one. The mask has two problem. One: the glass presses on the bridge of my nose and hurts. I won't be able to go deep with it if that's the case as the pressure will make it worse. Two, the nose fills up with water a bit so that even though I'm not breathing in the salt water still stings. I had it fully tight so that's a problem. I may have to keep looking for a better mask but for now it does work and is better than nothing. I did film but my gopro shuts off the screen after a few seconds and there's nothing I can do about it. Not that I know. So I can't tell if I'm recording. I got 90% bad footage. This next video won't have much underwater stuff. I did find some decent shells and had a good time. The only bad thing that happened was that I dropped my nice Simple Modern thermos in the parking lot and it got dented. I love that thing. But I didn't find many shells and as always went to the shell shop that is walking distance from where I park and bought some goodies to make up for the lack of find. I'll make a video shortly. So, I'm thinking Treasure Island sucks for shells. Actually pretty much I think all our beaches do. It's because the current runs north to south and all our barrier islands are north to south. Sanibel gets amazing shells, not just stupid bivalves, because the are the only island running east to west. They also get a sunrise and sunset. We just get sunsets. The pan handle beaches get better shells because they run east west too. I want to try Ft. Desoto in south St Pete because it's a V shaped island that might get some of those northward coming shells. The V points south just like the actual letter. I was surprised when I learned we have cone snails in Florida, but I have never ever seen any in all the times I've been to the coast. Did not find any on this outing.

I got a new Bible the other day. I think I finally found the one for me. It's another purple sword study with all the extra info but most importantly the words of God in red in the old and new testaments. This one is Large Print vs my Giant Print I had. The print is smaller but that's ok. I actually use my travel Bible a lot which has teeny tiny font and I can read it fine. The Giant print one had the problem that the whole Bible was too big and heavy for me. Not something I can carry around for daily reading. So I only have two problems with the Sword Study Bible. For being expensive it has terrible maps in the back. They are made of thin paper and not even colored. Chris's blue Bible has the best maps I've seen in glossy paper, bright colors and even shows the mission travels of Paul and other neat things. And that's a "cheap" Bible. Guess Sword Study ran out of funding at the end. Heh heh. And the other thing is I like headers in the chapters and within chapters when subjects change. Oh and two more ribbons would have been nice. So my perfect Bible would have these things.

* King James Version
* Soft leather or leather like cover. Soft and squishy
* Light or decent weight. Easy to carry.
* Large font without the book becoming huge.
* Red letters on both testaments. This is major. I'm spoiled now that I've had both.
* Subject headers at the start of each chapter and within chapter subject changes
* Several beautiful maps in color on glossy paper
* Different reading plans in the back, index, concordance, etc usual stuff at the back.
* Minimum of three silky colorful ribbons matching the cover color
* Pretty cover colors to choose from: turquoise, neon green, neon pink, light purple, coral, pale yellow, white
* (optional) margins on the side to write or draw. I can do with out this because I know this would negate the large print and make the Bible bigger and heavier. So for this I think there should be an Interleaved version with the points above with medium point font to keep the size small. Interleaved is a blank page after every page making it wider unfortunately. But that would be the artist's Bible for full page art in each chapter almost.
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