Des (thagirion) wrote,

Lots of new shells

Saturday Chris took me out to another shell store in Largo. The owner there was very nice too. He took us into the back room and showed us some newly arrived king's crown conch. This is a type I have been looking for. We got to pick out our faves from a bucket full that had just been cleaned. I bought some lovely cones that I had had on my list. I also got a small horse conch and some more nautica shells. We had a very nice date on Wednesday. I will have to definitely do a updated video on my collection. Plus I found some neat shells that I had collected years ago.

My budgie has learned to talk near the mic finally. Nautica ripped the wind muff so I hope I get those replacement ones soon. Here is a video of Minion talking.

For new words and phrases we're working on
Little Evil Budgie
Scary Fear is here
How are you?

But I'm open to suggestions. What would be cool things for him to learn to say? Funny enough I'm drawing a blank on JP quotes because they work in conversations not as stand alone quotes I guess. "Quiet all of you!" Might be funny. Or "No wonder you're extinct".

I've been most active on youtube lately. I'm working on the next driving compilation. It's the one for June. I need to finish that and July and at last I'll be caught up on my driving videos.

Ok just wanted to post a quick update tonight before going to bed about Minion.
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