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New Entertainment set

Happy August everyone. I have some neat photos to share. Yesterday we got the new entertainment set for the bedroom. I have been wanting this for over a year and after all the birthday money and cards I got I finally ordered this. So here are some progress pics.

Here's the old set up. My PS4, Xbox, bluray player and accessories on two fold out tables. This has worked, but it was messy and small. It was time for a change. Especially after Chris got such a nice Entertainment set in his room.

And here is the new shelf nearly finished. We found out the way the bottom shelves are done is really stupid. You think they all look the same and are the same size. But for some reason you have to put them in a certain order. If you don't they won't fit or close. So we kept the numbers on them and will keep the instructions. But really you should be able to interchange them. Why make it so stupidly complex? Oh but notice the pretty HDMI cables. I have a blue and a neon green one for the playstation and xbox. I will be replacing the boring black one for the dvd player. What do you guys think? Yellow or red cable? I'm thinking red but would yellow look better? Here's a link so you can see what they look like and the pretty nets they have.

Here it is finally complete. You can see how the day changed out the window. It was night by the time we finished. Also it stormed so it got darker.

And lastly here's the display with everything on it. I don't know if the planets and my astronauts will stay there or what I want as a permanent display on top. But for now it's nice. Chris says my white PS4 vanishes. It does I guess. Maybe I should get some sky blue contact paper for the inside so the electronics show up? Chris put green mats in his because the same was happening to his black electronics on a black shelf. So I love it and only have used the two left drawers for controllers, wires, headsets, games etc.

Here is a video of my trip to Treasure Island. First time officially shelling. I'd love to go shelling once a week but driving that much in Pinellas county would make me a nervous wreck. Florida drivers are bad but Pinellas is one of the worst areas. Probably third after Miami/Dade and Orlando. It does not help my driving phobia at all and any peace I find on the beach is quickly gone after I get home. Anyway, so I'm thinking maybe do a coastal trip twice a month. Seems more reasonable that way. I got a cool app for tides that is very helpful. Here's the app
I don't don't use many apps but the one I do get I like to pay for so I won't have any ads. Well let's just talk about apps. One of my all time faves I use a lot now is My Radar Pro.

I bought all the add ons for it except the aviation pack. It's my most "expensive" app at $7. Totally worth it. I love this radar and the maps and it is high definition. I have mine set to globe and love to spin the earth. I can also turn on hurricane tracking, earthquakes, fires and even see photos people have uploaded of weather.
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