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Black Moon

Hey guys. Things have been going very well. July was a great month. Yesterday I went out to Treasure Island and went shelling on the beach. I found some neat stuff but not too many shells. It was mostly a bivalve (claims, oysters, scallops) beach. I don't find those very interesting. I am most interested in gastropod or marine snails. I found only two. I will make a video because I had a very good time and I went back to the shell store and bought some gastropods that are native here to make up for the lack of ones I could find. I'm hoping Chris and I can take a few days off to got to Sanibel Island which is supposed to be the best place in Florida for shells.

Minion my budgie is doing great. He's not a coward anymore and has become very friendly and bonded towards me. He's a talking budgie now too. I'm thrilled. So funny because I bought him to be a breeder but ended up keeping him in my room. He became a pet and I never expected to have him become a talking budgie either. Two bonuses. I don't know if I'll breed him. His second beard dot has come in and I hope he gets a pretty dot necklace once all four dots are in. Here's what he's learned to say so far

I love you
Come 'ere
I can talk can you fly?
Gimme a kiss
MUWA! (kiss sound)
Ahoy there

Beware is part of a phrase. I was trying to teach him "Beware of the black hole". Phage used to say that, but Minion doesn't get the rest of it. We're also working on "Welcome to Jurassic Park." So far he's learned to say Jurassic but pronounces it badly so still working on that. I'm also teaching him "Fear is here!" I think I've heard him say Fear once but also poorly pronounce. So we shall keep at it.
Unfortunately there's been a role reversal. Nautica has become scared and runs from me. I have no idea why as I have treated both the same, give them treats and attention and out time. I don't know if this first molt is affecting her but she's not so nice right now. I don't get it, but I knew parrotlets are a difficult species.

Today I am waiting on a new entertainment set to come for my room. We've been using folding tables for my game systems and other electronics and there's not much room. This will help things look much nicer, be better organized and I'll have more room to display things like shells or planets.

And here are two videos of my John Hammond things I got this week. I love these.

I'm so happy with how my Jurassic collection is coming along. Just wish the cane wasn't so stinky. Stinky things have been a problem lately. I will post more on that later. Time to get the day starts.

Oh lastly the subject of this post. Today is a black moon. That's like a blue moon but with new moons. Two new moons in the same month. Can only work if there are 31 days in the month. Too bad I can't get to a beach as new moons and full moons have the highest high tides and lowest low tides. But that's why I went yesterday. Close enough to a new moon.
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