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Shells, drawers, canes and molting birds

I got a cool cabinet the other day. Been wanting this for ever. It's to organize my bird supplies. It's for a bathroom medicine cabinet but I tend to end up using most things not for their intended purposes. Here is a video showing how I put it together.

I found out something weird about livejournal. If you make a locked post and you're not logged in you don't see the day of the calendar lit up even if that's the only post you made. I don't like that because then it's not accurately logging you posted something even if it's locked.

Yesterday was like another birthday for me. Well this whole month is one big celebration be it birthday or anniversary. Chris worked a half day then came home and we just hung around. His parents had invited us to a birthday meal at Alexander's steak house. Chris and I both love that place. He had to drive me as I still didn't get my new drivers license. This was the year to renew it and though I sent it in two weeks ahead of time it's a government run organization so it took way longer. I finally got that today so I'm legally able to drive again. YAY. But it's ugly. It has a retro look. The old license was so Florida with the sun set on the beach and the green header at the top. This looks like a 70s government document alright. Boring. So we had a really nice meal there and I got two more Amazon cards. I still don't know what I want to get with them or hold on to them until Christmas to get something big. I really want an entertainment set for my game systems and dvd player. Not sure I can hold out that long or for the next sale holiday. We'll see. So after that we came home and saw a lovely storm. That night we watched Danger Bay and talked.

Today some delayed gifts finally came in as well as stuff I treated myself to. I got my first half sider Nautilus. I didn't know there was such a thing. I know about white ones and normal ones but this is the best of both worlds. One side is polished white. This is quickly one of my faves. I'm not a fan of polished or pearlized nautiluses but I've never seen one like this. Even the natural side has a nice gloss that makes it nice to touch. I don't have a good pic of it yet but here it is in the new budgie cabinet.

It looks very nice there but that may not be its permanent home. With all this nautilus collecting I'm doing I want to make some changes to the house. I was having a conversation with jokerforever about making part of the house into a mini natural history museum. I already own neat stuff like a cat skull, shells, feathers, dried pitchers, minerals etc. So yes, having something in that's patterned after a museum and nicely organized would be great. When I was a kid I remember having collected feathers and things and taped them to card board and named them with scientific name and location. I had one side of my room set up and remember thinking I wanted a real display in my house. Well I'll keep that promise to myself. I was the kind of kid that I made serious long term promises like that and people thought it was just my imagination. No I'm making good on those now. So I want to eventually get some nice glass display cases.

Since I'm getting into shell collecting I found this journal showing a room set up this way that's so nice.
Of course mine won't be just for shell. But I love the white and blue thing going on here. I am planning to get those white book shelves and replace the black ones I have.

So I also got John Hammond's cane today.

Here is a close up of what I call "the egg".

And here is the whole thing. Ok the good stuff first. It looks really good. It's the right length and the handle part looks like bones or bamboo. The fly is in great shape. I love the bubbles in it too. All these are unique and no two look alike. It is also a functioning cane. I can put my weight on it, though it will be on display and not to be used. I already have my walking staff for that. Now what I don't like about it.

The worst thing is the egg is slightly scratched. The top is cloudy and the side with the bug's face has some deep scratch marks. Second, the egg is too small I think. Have a look at these scenes from the movie.

And last complaint is the texture. I thought it would be smooth feeling like bamboo or glossy bones. I was expecting it to be like my staff. Nope, it's rough nasty wood fiber feel. Good thing I'm not using it as a real cane. As annoying as these things are I'm not going to ask for an exchange or refund. This is the best cane out there. Better than the official replica that costs way more. Not that this was cheap. Far from it. It is a display piece so I can live with the flaws. Oh also with my bug had all his legs. He only has two instead of six. But the pose is perfect. So it's not an exact replica but darn close.

OK, switching gears now to birds

Minion is molting. Both my birds are going through their first molt. I've got little purple and yellow feathers going everywhere. The funniest thing is Minion has his first beard dot coming in. Baby budgies aren't born with dots they have these feathers that are lines or half dots. I tried to get a pic of the dot but this happened.

Nautica barged in from the left just as I pressed the button. She wanted to be in the photo.

She growled but then waved at the camera twice. Unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph the wave. Darn.

Well I finally got a close up of Minion and you can see his new dot coming in. Always fun to collect the dot feathers so next molt I'll keep an eye out for these.

Oh forgot to mention I finally got my scanner today. Chris will have to help me set it up. Not because I don't know how (it's just a usb you plug in) but because I can't get behind my computer. Though figuring out where it will go on my table is a problem. Yes even with my giant long table I've kind of already run out of room.

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