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Birthday plans

Well I think I'm mostly done repoting nepenthes. Chris bought me two expanding cubes of coco coir and now begins the repotting of the amorphs. My back and side started to hurt bad the other day. Probably from all the standing I've been doing. I think I'm having a fibro flare up because my left shoulder started hurting for no reason and yesterday I developed a head ache despite having eaten. I won't let it interfere with my special day today though.
Yesterday I went to see my jeweler friend and had a very good time there.

Today the plan is to go to Pinellas county and check out an orchid store (hope they have nepenthes or something cool) and then go to a shell shop. I never cared much about shells as they are just everywhere here and boring. So common. Except for one. The Nautilus. I have always loved Nautilus shells and when would go to Tarpon Springs I would always see them in a store. Always wanted some but they were expensive. I finally bought one years ago and told myself I'd get a white one and two half ones. I kept putting it off because they were expensive. When I took Peregrine this past June I asked about them at the store and found out that what they have is it and they won't be able to get more in because of stupid laws. I hate it when something you think will go on for ever suddenly goes alway. Now I'm kicking myself for being cheep and not having bought them all those years ago. I did get my goal though and bought one white, one normal and one half white and one half normal. But since they are going to become rare I am now collecting them when money permits. So that is why I specifically want to go to shell stores. The first nautilus I bought I remember going through the whole store to pick the perfect one. It's big and beautiful and I think they are hard to find at this size and a decent price. So it's another reason to collect them as they will probably become very valuable. Again if I had known I'd have bought them in the past. The white ones are polished and pretty but they are not like that in the wild. I kinda don't like that they are more common as I'd prefer realistic ones as they are in the wild.

I found out that Mattel has finally made a John Hammond figure from Jurassic Park. I've only been wanting one since 1993. The bad news is he's a San Digeo Comic Con exclusive and limited numbers. You have to preorder and pick up at the show. They're already ransomed on Ebay before they are even out. I already paid a ransom to get one. Birthday gift to myself. I also hope to get a replica of his cane. Been wanting one of those for years now too just like the replica of the cryocan.
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