Des (thagirion) wrote,

4th of July

I'm very late with this post but I had a great time and a great 4th of July. Here is a video of the fireworks we saw. We did end up getting the spot we wanted.

I won an Ebay acution for a female Nepenthes ventricosa. I hope I can keep her alive but been wanting one a long time. Now if I get another one it's likely it will be a male since males are more common. I'd be so happy to have a breeding pair.

I pulled out all my sculpting stuff today and was hoping to get started on a figure of Fear. I can't believe how much stuff is needed. Unfortunately my aluminum wire has vanished. Add that to the stuff sucked into the black hole like my budgie key chain. So no sculpting. Either I have to find where it went or buy more which would suck because eventually it will turn up then I'll have more than I need.

So my birthday is next week. I'm looking forward to it. My wish list is pinned to the top of this. Hopefully this year will be a nice haul.

I've been enjoying coffee from Starbucks but also bagels with cream cheese from there. Chris suggested to put vegemite on it. I actually like it so I tried it and now I eat it with tiny amounts of vegemite too. It's funny I'm one of those rare Americans that liked it on the first try though it was strange I didn't react strongly to it like this guy did.

Skip to 2:50. I found this hilarious and what an over reaction. Another thing I find odd is that everyone describes it as salty. It's not salty at all. I thought it would be like anchovies which are so gross. But no. It does have salt but it does not taste salty. Anyway point is I do have a little jar and I do eat it. Ha here's one of a news crew eating it wanting to celebrate Australia Day.
I just love seeing people gross out. Funny enough I don't like British Marmite at all. I didn't react like anyone here but don't like it.
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