Des (thagirion) wrote,

Tomorrow is the 4th

Tomorrow if 4th of July and our anniversary. Chris got tomorrow off instead of today and we plan to go to Fred Howard Park again and watch the fireworks. We'll be there all day basically just so we can get a good parking spot on the water. Here's a map showing what a neat place this is.

You can see where we hope to park. If you look up last year's 4th post you'll see the video of the island and the fireworks show. I have to empty my memory card and bring the tripod. I hope this year the filming will be better than last year's.

Today I repotted many of my nepenthes. I made decent progress but still have a long way to go. I've also moved them outside to get more light. I took down the top shelf that I have in the patio and moved it out there. I cut some basals too I hope those will take root and do well for me. Not much else to tell. Just been busy playing with my birds, my plants and making videos.
Tags: 4th of july, nepenthes
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