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I've hurt my right shoulder. I was working on the next driving compilation yesterday and the way the mouse is on my desk is not good. I had my hand out for hours and last night my shoulder started hurting badly. I have a torn rotatory cuff in that shoulder and it probably set off the fibro too. It hurts most in my shoulder blade. So I did not sleep well and it still hurts. I have the mouse in my lap but it's still uncomfortable. I remember when I sat on the couch the mouse was besides me so lower than my legs. I may have to not use my main computer for a day or two which would be very hard on me. Use my tablet or just game as Chris suggested.

But it's not like there isn't plenty of other things to do. Nautica and Minion keep me busy. I could go back to training Nautica. The lotuses are doing great. Lots of flowers right now. I love how fast they grow but wow I feel I have to keep updating my videos, but don't want to bore and flood my watchers. But it does look totally different in just a day or two. Today my first Dreaming of 6th Dynasty opened which is a pale yellow lotus. My Rhynchostyllis retusa orchid is almost opened. I'm not an orchid person but when I saw this way back on my first visit to Atlanta I had to have it. I like pretty much anything in that genus and luckily unlike nepenthes there are only three species. Unfortunately I have some bad news. I have no more fish. My female Molly just died one day. I found her floating. The lovely white male I have had since all this started that had survived so much just vanished. He's gone. I blame a racoon because my gourd plant next to the pond was trampled. I hate racoons.

I'm looking forward to the 4th next week. I don't know what we're going to do yet but I'd love to go back to Fred Howard Park. And I'm looking forward to my birthday too. I've updted my Amazon wishlist. Hope I'll get some neat stuff off of that.
The black hole strikes again in my house. I've lost me very cute budgie keychain. I worry I might have unknowingly thrown it out. And they are gone on Etsy. That bugs me so much. Also I had some numbers for my mailbox that also vanished. It does make me wonder if those ended up in the same place together but they've been lost a long time. I can order more of those at least.
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