Des (thagirion) wrote,

Budgie Selfies

Yesterday I let my birds play with my phone. Nautica has really fallen in love with it. She likes to look at pics of herself and other budgies. She pushes the screen and bites the lens and I happened to get this one awesome photo of her.

This looks like a scene from the hungry shark game. I was on the phone with ACTipton when this happened and we were laughing so hard.

Nautica was pushing the buttons and Minion comes over to look.

Selfie of Minion. Wish the front camra had touch focus.

This was today. In a way it's a bit bad because now they notice the phone. Before I could quietly sneak it out and film them doing cute things. But now if I pull it out Nautica will stop what she's doing and run over. Minion then does too because he wants to know what she's excited about. I may have to get a cheap point and shoot camera they won't be so interested in.

I thinking I'm forgetting to talk about something. Well I'll either edit this or make a new post. So that's what's been going on so far.
Tags: budgies, parrotlet
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