Des (thagirion) wrote,

Birthday Wishlist 2019

It's that time of year again. My birthday is next month. Here are some suggestions if anyone wants to get something for me. No obligations of course. This year I made a specific birthday wish list on Amazon because of the way stupid cell phones are and everyone using them. If you give one list, like the default the other lists aren't visible. So stupid. Even on desktop view you can't seem to see those. I also don't use the Amazon app or any site app. I use chrome and browse with desktop view like a real computer. But it's rare when I have to do that since I have a real computer I always use. So anyway here's the list for this year.

Amazon gift card
Ebay Gift card
Bergen Water Gardens Gift card
Scary Fear Gift art -
Gord Gift Art -
George Smith Gift Art -
Budgie or Nautica gift art

That's it for now. This list may change. If I get something for Bergen Water Gardens I may not order it til winter because Lotus season is over now. There are those few lotus plants I did not get that would be nice to have, but they don't come on sale until the end of the year. Email to send stuff is thagirion3 at yahoo dot com. Gift art is still pretty much the same as always. I'd love to see some art of Fear and Gord fighting. And I never tire of Fear and George.
Tags: wish list
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