Des (thagirion) wrote,

Training Nautica

So things are finally getting back to normal here after Peregrine left. I've started training Nautica to do tricks. I've never trick trained any bird so this will be a first. I am finding that doing so causes our bond to strengthen and she's learning to associate her little perch with good things. When I pick it up to clean the table she gets all excited. This is good. So she has mastered the command "Turn Around". We are now working on "Hang" and "Flip". Hang is her hanging upside down from the perch. Flip is an extension of Hang where she will come back up the other side of the perch. So far she sort of gets Hang and can do about a 270 degree flip but hasn't figured out how to come back up. Here is a short video of her doing Turn Around.

I'm also trying to catch up on driving compilations. This is the one for Feb 2019 so I'm finally in this year. I'm very happy with the editing on this one.

Chris and I love watching dashcam and crash videos. I've noticed I'm relying less on text and visual effects like adding little traffic lights and arrows in this. The reason is we both are now better at anticipating what will happen and turning our radios down and narrating. That way if we say "Red light runner" I don't have to put a little red light to make things easier to see like before. Of course we can't always do that but it helps and that's less background music I have to find which is becoming very hard without having to use the same pieces over and over again. Dashcam Australia is still our fave though and then trying to find decent ones of stuff from US and Canada.

The other day yahoo finally got me. I have been avoiding the update to the email. I hate the new inbox. I kept saying No for months and blocking the pop ups with ad blockers and such. But they finally got me where they didn't even give me a choice. I guess they figured out how I was holding out and that I knew how to switch back to the old style. That's gone. Sucks but I'm proud of how long I resisted.

I miss doing art but still can't because I don't have a scanner. I'm also getting really sick of the "art collection" I have amassed over the decades as a traditional artist first. I wish I could draw 100% digital but I'm starting to think that I need to make good scans, keep the good digital in work and crazy enough just throw out the paper version. I'm quite happy with how I've gotten junk out of my life. I don't consider my art junk. I'm my biggest fan after all, but it's eating up my space and really in the end I'm a digital artist. I don't know. It's something I need to think about. Not sure how to go about it. Once I know I have several back ups perhaps do an end of the year toss out? I don't know.
Tags: drawing, parrotlet, videos
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