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Just Busy

I'm still here. I've been having a very good time. Trying to get the house fixed up before Peregrine's visit. The Jurassic Park bathroom is almost done. I got all the wallpaper up finally and it looks cool. Got the T rex shadow shower curtain up. Only a few things left like get the text decal for the mirror that will say

Objects In The Mirror Are
Closer Than They Appear.

I have a very annoying story about trying to place this simple order. I had two stores on Etsy that had good reviews. I wrote to Store A and asked the guy if he could do this with the text alignment like THIS. Notice the bottom line is wider. I wanted it all caps in Arial font 21 inches wide 6 inches tall. He sent me back a sample but the bottom line was the same spacing at the top. They're not supposed to be even. I asked a few more questions never heard back. So I wrote to Store B and asked for a price and the same thing. Oh and color white. Didn't hear back til the next morning. Every time I asked a question I heard nothing back til the next morning. Slow communication is better than no communication but still annoying. And then they vanished on me. I don't have time for this. So Store C seemed competent. They were good and I have officially hired them and been working with them. This time I drew my own sample in photoshop and told them to make it exactly as in the pic and told them about the issue with row 2. I think this will work out. Stores A and B finally contact me. I had to tell them, "Sorry I hired someone else."

I got the bathroom sign. It's very nice.

But I need a new door first. That will be a long time. I don't have the money for that and will have to hire someone to install it as that's not something we can do. I want a decal of a T-rex busting through the door for the back. I'll probably have to have that custom made and draw it myself. I hope that the place that does my car wrap can do it. And I want to get a little sauropod toilet paper holder. I think those details will make the bathroom very nice. One more pic that's a sample of what's going on. I'll show full pics once I get most of this other stuff done.

Chris helped me put the shelf back over my art table so that's going well. My computer room is almost done. I did go to the bird show last Sunday and it was great! I got almost everything I was after. I picked up all the cages I needed. I had to replace almost all the old ones. I got toys and supplies. And I picked up a new budgie. Got a female English budgie. She's a blue spangled. Cobalt possibly as she's not that pretty sky/budgie blue though. I thought she was the same color as Minion though he's more on the purple side so his color is nicer. Unfortunately she's not doing so great. I have separated them and she is eating very little and has poopy tail. I will have to put her on antibiotics and see if this can't be fixed. I had her in with Minion because I wanted her to learn to eat pellets but for now she needs to be fixed first. Of course she looked fine at the show. I know it could just be stress from the show and being moved around.

I love the size difference. This one is a mate for Budgie Man; Bullet's dad.

Last big piece of news is Mova Globes finally released Uranus. I got mine in yesterday. I think I'm one of the first in the country to own one. It's lovely. I'm proud I played a small role in this becoming a reality as well. It was just wrong to have a missing planet. If you guys want to see my review it is here.

Day off today, I'm looking forward to getting more progress done.
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