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The home improvement continues

So lots of changes going on. I'm almost done with wall papering the bathroom. I ran out and there was a big hole that needed to be fixed. We got some drywall yesterday and Chris and I patched it up. I ordered two more rolls from Amazon but only one shipped. They were at a discounted price but only had one. I don't think I can finish with one roll and will probably have to order the last one. But it's looking really cool. Chris has ordered some of the parts for his computer already which I think is great. We can't watch youtube as easily without it now. Sucks using the built in youtube the TV came with because we can't read descriptions or read comments. To find my channel we have to type in "Scary Fear Parrotlet" everytime. I also bought Chris a hand vacuum and he loves it. I found it amusing how he grabbed it and started to use it right away ha ha.

Today I am washing out the bird cages. First time doing that since I got Nautica and Minion. Nautica is in Minion's cage and her cage is out drying in the sun. I washed all her toys. Once it's put back together I'll do the same to Minon's cage. I have a feeling budgies are messier than Parrotlets. We'll see. But the playgym is also on top of his cage so it may be hard to tell. I got them a new wheel but they don't like it as much it seems. Too bad.

My lotus still has not opened. This has been so trying on my patience. It has gotten bigger though and a second bud has surfaced. My Dream of Yaotai lotus has two buds too, but really I'm only waiting for that first one to open already. I also wish some of my big lotuses would make flowers. Space 36 is the second one I got and hasn't made buds yet. Dream of Yaotai is one of the last ones I got and it's making flowers. It's crazy.

Peregrine is visiting me in June again. I'm very happy about that. We're both very excited about it. I ordered a galaxy curtain for my room since there's no door and I hope I can find a way to install it since the door is not centered in the wall. So adding a curtain rod of some sort will be tricky. But we have the coolest house. Up mailbox, Jurassic Park Master bedroom, game room/collection room and my cool little office/art room that's Fear themed. We haven't figured out what we will do yet but I know we're going to Tarpon Springs and also do a drive across the Skyway. I've got some suggestions so I'll come up with an itinerary eventually.

There's a bird show coming up again on the 26th I think I want to go as I need a few more cages still and hope I can get some English budgies finally. My two males need mates and though Minion is supposed to be a mate for Pistol he's too young and I really need her breeding now as she's the most likely and possibly last hope for me to pass on that Lacewing gene. So green or blue English male for her would be great. Adult preferably.

Here are some pics of Minion. Close up of his eyes as they are starting to change into a grey ring. I will miss the cute baby black eyes.

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