Des (thagirion) wrote,

Budgie wrestling and JP bathroom

I just edited this short video. I'm very happy with how funny it turned out. Amazing how editing always takes way longer than what a video is.

Nautica Body Slams Minion.

So yesterday Chris and I had a nice day off. We got a lot accomplished. We did some yard work and for me I'm about 40% done with wallpapering the bathroom. It's amazing how it's looking so much like Jurassic Park. I will have progress pics soon. But for now no wall is completely done so that's why I haven't done any yet.

I got my disk drive the other day so I have now installed my art tablet. I just need to get a new scanner and I should be back in business with my art.
I'm impatiently awaiting for plants to bloom too. My first lotus is still a bud though it has gotten bigger. And my two A. paeonifolius are still buds too but I think they also have gotten bigger. Gosh hurry up already. Wish these guys would open.
Tags: budgies, house, parrotlet, videos
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