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Room Progress Closet Done

Well it has been crazy here in a good way. Since Chris works in the plumbing business he asked one of his plumber friends if he could help us fix stuff that needed lots of work. He came over last Saturday. I had bought two toilets to fix both bathrooms. But only one fit in my jeep. He helped me off load it. Luckily the people at Lowes said it was ok to pick it up later. The plumber helped me get it out of my jeep and put it in the garage. Then we drove to lowes and he loaded the second one on my jeep and I took it home while he picked up some parts for the jobs. He installed the toilets and fixed some problems the previous owner had done "fixing" the bathroom. I hate how the last guy thought he was a handyman but we've just had to fix everything he's screwed up. So we got a new toilet, new shower and valves. The plumber had to cut a hole in the wall but we didn't mind. So long as it fixes it. He installed a panel so in the future we can easily access it if it needs to be repaired. He said it can be painted which is great. I will definitely paint it. I finished the first wall in the master bathroom with the bamboo wallpaper. It is looking great! It will definitely look like Jurassic Park once done. I think the hardest thing now will be replacing the door. But I'm looking forward to painting the door and putting the custom sign I bought for it.

Here is a screen cap of the JP bathroom. It's all bamboo. The door has a sign and two sections of Bamboo.

Here you can see a close up as Donald Genaro shuts the door. What's nice is my bathroom has white tiles like that already so just adding the Bamboo wallpaper will make it look just like this. I can't wait to get that sign.

Ok so next is my couch.

My budgie couch! I got these budgie pillows a few years ago. I had to cover the couch because the fake leather was peeling. I might cut those sheets and make them into custom pillow cases so it will be cleaner and easier to sit on. This also folds out into a small bed for one person. So our house is guest ready.

Ok so now for my Closet that is at last finished. Check out the previous video to see what it was like when it was half done. No more yucky brown wood.

Lovely white doors with blue handles. This took way too long. Not only was it hard getting the primer between those slats but the paint gave me issues. When I added the clear coat it would wrinkle though it had time to dry and was all the same brand. I had to sand and wait and sand and wait because it kept screwing up. This slowed me down by days. I also kept running out of paint. I was using spray cans. Two doors takes about four cans not counting the primer put on with a brush. On the parts it was wrinkling I just said screw it. It's not perfect. There are some paint globs and I was getting impatient. But it's acceptable to me which is all that matters. Also it's cheaper than buying new doors that start at a hundred bucks for just one set. I need two. I don't know why they're so expensive. I don't think these doors should be more than 50 dollars for a high end set of bifolding doors. So I'll just paint the ones I have.

Today is a rainy day. It's nice and relaxing actually and a break from the heat. I turned on my little lamp for my art table and it created a cool atmosphere in my room I hadn't expected.

My handles make cool blue shadows! But it has to be dark and only my one light on for this to happen.

The cage casts a cool shadow too.

A wide shot so you see how this is happening. That tiny lamp is causing all this. I'm starting to love my room finally. When I started this project it was just a job. Chris kept asking me if I was excited. No I wasn't. I think that's my Ni having no vision. Chris has Ne which can see the final product and visualize it in pictures in his mind. For me it's just a concept and a linguistical idea. I know it will be good in the end but don't really see it. INTJ's don't usually have emotions until after a job or a stressful event is over. This is a good built in survival strategy, but also a hindrance on the creative front. But now that I'm starting to see where all this work is going and it's half functional I'm starting to get excited and love it. I can't wait to get the art done on the walls and get all the shelves done. Of which again I don't really visualize fully yet.

EDIT: Been meaning to talk about this for a while now. I keep forgetting. A little back story first. Chris and I have an in joke going about when we see super strict characters in movies or people that are too much "by the book" we call them "Stuck up S type pricks". I don't know which one of us came up with that but it has stuck and we love to say it. All in good fun. You guys know I like the S types and get along with most of them. ST's anyway as I do poorly with feeling types of any kind. But I kind of understand where they are coming from and tolerate them while Chris gets more annoyed than I do. But it's always been fictional and hypothetical when we use this joke until recently. Because we're both getting new computers and new rooms we started looking for ideas and inspiration about how to make our rooms. There is a show on youtube called Set Up Wars and we've been watching but can only take it in small doses. The host is a total jerk. He critiques the photos that are sent in and tears down some amazing rooms. WTF? Stuff to me that's invisible and not a fault he says is bad and wrong in a condescending way. It irks me so much I actually end up arguing with him on the monitor and countering him out loud. Chris can't stand him either but for once I'm more vocal about it. Yes he's definitely a Stuck Up S Type Prick. I told Chris, "Wow one actually exists." He's a narcissist too in the bad way.

A great example of this is what he said about Nate's set up in episode 161. Nate has the most awesome set up I have ever seen of any episode. His room looks like a true mastermind evil genius hide out. Something out of James Bond. I would LOVE a room like that if the electric didn't cost so much to run. And his first negative comment is the guy has ugly desks? WTF? Yeah, the desk is the first thing I noticed *SARCASM* And the monitors are on their sides? Who cares?! Again I didn't notice. It works. The room is amazing. The guy should win a prize for best room ever. He has a cheap mouse? Who care, he likes it. Maybe he ran out of money. Mice aren't that important. I think the mouse looks cool. My mouse is cheap. It's a $15 mouse but it looks great with the lights. Grrr that kind of criticism pisses me off. Pointless and only for his own ego to go around telling people what to do. He is not the master of how computers and desks should be made.

I love all the maps of the Earth. Funny enough Chris sometimes talks about entering. I told him he should because his room is so "wrong" by jerk man's standards he'd probably have a heart attack from seeing Chris's room and quit. Ha if only. I told him he should write him an email and say he can post the pics but he won't listen to anything he says because he has it set up how he wants. I hate how he makes comments like someone has too many consoles. Chris should pull all our consoles out, mine too, and lay them out on his table just to piss him off that things aren't "symmetrical/balanced". But yeah we can only watch a few eps. Sometimes I think it may be best to watch with no sound, play songs we like until it's over then read the description because I end up arguing with the TV and that's so out of character for me. I can't ignore him like Chris suggest, though he hate him too, because he mentions the stuff being used. That was the point of watching so we'd get ideas for our rooms. But most of the stuff is in the description so muting might be best. In some eps he's worse than others. Plus he's so ugly. We always skip his intro and ads at the start. But we like to pause the pic at the end when he shows all five set ups together.

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