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Room coming along and starting on Jurassic Park

I have been wanting to post but just been so busy with everything. Chris and I had a nice time off on Weds. We went and saw Avengers End Game. I don't follow the Marvel stuff. I just know the most popular characters like Spiderman. I knew I wouldn't like this one as much because being the dark personality I am, I was happy with how the last movie ended. The bad guy had won. I knew they'd undo all that in this one. And of course to quote Malcolm, "Boy I hate being right all the time."
Things are going very well here. Chris and I are both working on our room. He installed some cheap black carpet in his room but it looks so good. You wouldn't know it. I bought a bird kabob for Minion since he likes the one Nautica has. But he needed a smaller one for him. And I've been repainting the closet doors finally. I'm half done. It hasn't been easy and annoying unseen issue arose while painting that made this go much slower than it shoudl have. I LOVE the round blue knobs with the bubbles in them. But his one was dumb because the screw didn't go in all the way in the knob. So I had to add a bunch of washers in the back to make it fit. But look what a difference and how pretty this is.

And eventually I plan to paint the closet in blue and white too. I've never been a fan of the wood look. It works only in a few places.

Here's a close up of the new knob. So cute! Everything is budgie blue. I love it.

I'm also very happy that I already am getting my first lotus bud. I love the irony that the first flower is from the one called First Fall. It's also the first one I bought so I guess it makes sense.

This is a micro lotus. Don't know if you can see the cute tiny bud sticking out.

Here's how small it is. The bud is already more developed than this but still tiny. I'm also growing Space 36 and 1000 petal lotus on the other extreme which are some of the largest lotuses. I think Space 36 was my second plant. It's already making areal leaves so flowers should come after that. So exciting. I got all but three of my most wanted lotuses this year.

I am starting on the Jurassic Park theme in the bedroom. I started to add wallpaper last night that is bamboo pattern. I want the bathroom to look like the outhouse where Donald Genaro was eaten by the T-rex. Let's see if I can find that scene. Here we go. First scene is called Break out. The T rex escapes and you see Donald run into the out house.

And in this scene he gets eaten

So yeah bamboo walls. I will also be getting that unique sign on the door. The bathroom is the easiest part to make. I really should have saved it for last. So today I'm working on that and the last two doors.

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