Des (thagirion) wrote,

Room is basically done

Sorry to disappear again. Been so busy with painting the room, the new computer and the new desk. So much new stuff. New birds too. I'm loving them. Here is a video showing all the crazy progress and how nice my little room looks now.

My lotus are doing great. I got two more coming and I think this is the last lotus purchase for the year. The rest in my wish list are not priority at all and the ones I really want are sold out. I won't be able to get those til next year or preorder in the Fall. I'll be getting one called Ultimate thousand petal lotus. Here is a video if you want to see what it looks like. It's a weird one.

We got a new mailbox. You guys know how much I love the movie Up. I had it customized to look like the one that was in Up.

So things are starting to look better around the house. I have ordered the disk drive for my computer so hopefully I can get my tablet installed so I can start making art again. I also still need a scanner.

Nautica and Minion are doing well. Both seem to be eating pellets very well finally. I think she's fully weaned onto them. I bought them a little fountain. I hope they'll learn to use it for bathing in.

Chris is working on his room too. He's got the big project that he wants to carpet the floor with cheap black carpet. He's already started and it looks great but the last half will be hard to do.

So all is going well. Though good things are happening I really hope things settle down for me and I can get back to my normal routine of working on art.
Tags: computer, house
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