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Room is really coming along

I'm typing this from my tiny tablet this morning. I miss my awesome computer already. So yesterday Chris came home with lots of energy. The night before I had asked him to help movemy old desk so I could finish the last of the trim on the last two walls. But he wanted to do more. He asked if I wanted to finish the whole room. Paint it blue and set up my new desk on the other wall. YEAH! I hadnt expected that but sure. Well we didn't finish but we got very far. I took down all my posters. We took my new chair out and the birds. Poor birds ended up in the guest bath haha. Chris had to use the other bathroom because of that. We put the old desk, art table and couch in the center of the room and started. We finished the trim. Then I started doing the edge work with the angled brush. Just doing that was amazing. The new color is so beautiful. I will post pics. I just don't have a way to transfer them yet from my phone to the tablet. I need to buy a direct link. But that yucky blook on the art or west wall really showed the difference when I put up blue trim. I sent texts to most of you at that stage. I was so excited. But we had to go to Lowes because I got cheap and bought a super cheap roller at the dollar store that broke right away. So we picked up a new roller and finished most of the walls. We took a break and went to eat at Saigon Cafe. I ordered Pho because I knew the left overs would last me a few days. We came back to finish work. There are some holes in my window though and the bull ants were swarming and were getting it. Of all the nights. I didn't need giant stuck ants in my paint. Chris thinks he found all the holes and filled them in with putty. I don't know if we need a second coat. There's not much paint left. We might. The sun isn't up yet but I'll know once some natural light comes into the room. I just don't want to buy another gallon. If I do need another coat maybe two pints will work. I feel like you waste more paint using a roller but it goes way faster than a brush.

I'm excited too about possibly painting Fear up on the wall hough I don't know how I'm going to do that yet. Too bad I don't know anyone that paints murals so I could get some advice. But ILOOOOOVE the new color. It's gorgeous. My childhood room was this color and this makes me very happy. And I'm excited about a new floor in the future too. Instead of doing boring tiles I was thinking of doing something really cool. Maybe a water floor like the ocean waves or space with planets. I don't know. Any ideas? Why have a normal boring room. It's my house I can make it look like a museum if I want. I'm just open to suggestions is all. I'm thinking of asking the guys that wrapped my car if they do floors. I know they do windows, but wonder if they do floors and if they have anything to protect the art since chairs will be rolling around on it. Well I can't wait to finish. Typing on this tiny keyboard sucks.
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