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Progress on the room

I've made some progress on my art/computer room. I've started to paint the trim white. The walls will be a bright sky blue. I have picked up a gallon of Valspar's Sea Wave if you want to look that color up. But first I have to finish the trim. One nice thing about his project is I don't care at all about the carpet. So I'm not bothering to lay down newspaper. It's getting paint all over it but the carpet will eventually be replaced with tile or vinyl that looks like tile. If I can't afford the tile then I will get the cheaper vinyl. We went to Ikea. Not fun. We were excited about going until we remembered why we hate that place. It's a rat maze and you're forced to go through all the parts. I guess it makes people do impulse buys and sells more. There's no one around to help and when you do find someone it's like you're bothering them. No one knows about what's on the website even if yous how them on the phone. And other customers are annoying and in the way. BUT we did find my desk. It has a white table top and blue metal legs. It will be so nice. But I can't put it together until I finish with the painting. The worst part is the book shelves and books. There's nowhere to put them at the moment. I'll figure something out. I always do. I've gotten rid of a lot of books, but need to get rid of more still. It would be great if I could condense my collection down to one shelf. I don't know if I can but I will try. I guess I should toss all the text books though I don't want to let some of them go. I don't know. We'll see.

On the pet front, Nautica is driving me insane. She won't wean although she knows how to eat. I've seen her cracking and eating pellets. She ignores other birds eating so having Melville or Minion eat with her only helps sometimes. I found out though that the bowls were too small. She doesn't like that and some progress was made when I put her in Minion's cage and she ate with him in his bigger cat dish. So I will get more cat dishes. But it doesn't always work and I think it has to do with parrotlets not being social like most parrots. Budgies and almost everything else are social eaters. I think this makes things much harder. I think she will be very slow to wean, but I want her on a healthy diet. I don't want her eating seed mixes which I'm sure she would wean to instantly. Learning to eat veggies is not going well either. But so long as I can get her on pellets that will be good. Without her being weaned she can't be trained because she doesn't get the concept of treats and rewards. At least Minion and Melville are weaned on pellets. Other than that she's a great little pet.

I have learned how Lotuses are sold here in the US. Spring is the big sale and shipping time and then there are no more the rest of the year. So I got into this right at the start of the season. And not knowing this some of the types I wanted have sold out all over the nation. I'm not happy. Just three but I really wanted

Chinese Red Beijing - large
Real Beauty - micro
Big versicolor - large

I keep checking. I don't know maybe one will come back, but they only sell the tubers when they are dormant and things are coming out of dormancy now. I did pick up some good ones for this first year though. My little collection is quite nice. But these would have been great to have. Especially Chinese Red Beijing.

So that's what's been going on. I'll be posting pics of my room slowly. I really need to get the projector too because I want to draw Fear overlooking the city on the wall over my desk.
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