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Bergen Water Gardens Wishlist

Just posting this list so I have easy access to it from any computer.
Lotus and Carnivorous Plant Wishlist

This is currently my favorite shop. Awesome prices, awesome customer service. You guys know how hard it is to win me over and these guys did it fast which is unheard of. I'm also posting a list for myself so I can cross stuff off. I'm trying to get at least one of every color lotus. I really want the Empress lotus but all stores are sold out of it. Such bad luck.


White: First Fall
Pink: Misty Rain
Red: Real beauty
Yellow: Little Green Lotus
Versi: Dream of Yaotai


White: Song of Moon
Pink: Purple Fairy 2
Red: Chu Chu
Yellow: Snow white fragrant sea
Versi: Mist in Zhongshan


White: Taoxi Flying Snow
Pink: Little Giant Lotus
Red: Love Sick Red
Yellow: Apricot's yellow, Golden Monkey
Versi: Dwarf Red Lovesick Bean


White: Flying crane lotus, Jade Autumn
Pink: Space 36, Flying in autumn
Red: Chinese Red Beijing
Yellow: Dream of Sixth Dynasty
Versi: Big Versicolor, Empress

From Ten Mile Creek
Ken's Dream (Large)
Yellow bird (Large)
Crab Claws Red (small) red seed pods

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