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New Chair

I'm very happy to have gotten my new chair today. It looks beautiful. I already put it together. But before that. I think I figured out what's going on with pics on LJ. It has something to do either with Firefox's adblockers or flashblocker. I logged in with IE and it told me flash was being blocked when I went into the photos here. The only option is allow once instead of just ignoring this site. I also noticed that I couldn't see the free music on youtube which made me think it was the adblocker. I have two for ads in general and then one specifically for youtube. I can see the music files on IE. So to upload pics I have to be on IE, get the url's and then post on firefox. What a hassle. I fixed the pics in the last post though I don't know why the pic of Nautica is sideways when in the thumb nail and in the image it's fine. I'll have to fix it in photoshop but not today.

Ok so here's the big box that arrived.

Almost 60 lbs. I skooched it along the ground and got it into the bedroom.

So pretty when you open the box.

Put it together all by myself. Easy. Took about 45 minutes. The pillows look so nice but that lower back pillow sucks. I removed it and won't be using it. I hate these proper posture chairs. Screw proper posture. Those hurt and they are BAD for my back. Maybe I can do something with the extra pillow. I don't know. The head pillow is fine. My head doesn't even touch it.

Fear approved. Well sort of. I still have to see if I like it for use hours on end. Like my tan gaming chair the seat part is hard and all of it is uncomfortable upright. But once you recline the back it gets way better. I've read you have to break them in. It's not as awesome as my tan chair but it could be in time. I need to get my room in away I can get in because it's still a mess from painting and my stupid couch is in the way. But I think this could work out. Now the only thing is where to place my mouse as I like to type in my lap and have my mouse beside my lap because of my shoulder and back issue.

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