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So today was a good day. My poor room is a mess. I started painting the trim along the bottom and around the closet. I can't do it all because things like book shelves are in the way ad so far I have nowhere to put them. But tomorrow I get my chair. I hope it will work out for me. If I like it then good bye to the couch and I'll have way more space in my room. I had a printer on my Amazon wish list that I've been watching. When I added it it was 60 dollars. Then it dropped to 50 dollars. I thought that was great and didn't think it would change. Had it there for weeks. Then a few days ago it went up to 80. Nooooo. But today I guess for Easter it's back at 50. I ordered it afraid it would go back up before my next pay day. I'm cutting it close and don't have much after the computer purchase so I hope that will work out too. Sorry the photos didn't work on the last post. I MIGHT fix them later on or no. For now I'll concentrate on just showing everything in videos. So here are a few.

Relaxing video showing my new fish and lotuses. For a short time you can see the new tan pot and blue pot. Those have the lotuses Dreaming of Sixth Dynasty and Lovesick Red. Can't wait for them to make the first leaf.

A short Easter Greeting to everyone. Chris and I only went out for a short time to Dollar General. We'd never been to one and it's a bigger store than Dollar Tree. Also has more stuff that's more than a dollar. I picked up more paint supplies for my room there. We found a larger than average Jolt Cola can. I didn't think they made that anymore. Happy blast from the past. Unfortunately when I opened it at home it tasted terrible. I hope it wasn't a original from the 90s, though the expiration date said it was this year. They sell kiddie pools there which is great for use with lotuses and Sarracenia.
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