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Nautica and Minion

Something is wrong with Live Journal's photo hosting right now. I hope it's not that I'm on Windows 10. I can't upload images. When I try it shows a window with a folder select and a save button at the bottom. If you push the save nothing happens. I thought it was because I'm on the new computer but I tried it on my tablet and the right window pops up but the browse button is clear and you can't push it. I've sent a help request to tech support. This is very annoying. I have to host the photos on dreamwidth and they only give you 500 mb. That's nothing and I don't know if I can buy more space or if I'm stuck with that. I can make icon file sizes smaller. Been doing that since the 90s. I hope LJ fixes this issue. I need my space. Luckily I have several DW accounts I can add them all up for hosting, though I haven't logged onto some in decades.

So on to the post. I'm loving my new pets. They are lots of fun. Nautica is this mustard yellow with a little bit of green on her rump. She reminds me of the second budgie I ever had as a kid that was a heavy yellow recessive pied with no black and tiny amount of green on the tummy and rump. She was a mean nasty budgie but I loved her. My first budgie was a recessive pied the color that Phage was and hence why that will always be my fave budgie color.

Here is Nautica on my finger after a feeding. She's all scruffy and messed up. These pics are older and out dated already. I need to take some new ones, but where to host them?

Minion in Nautica's cage preening her.

They go into each other's cages though he mostly goes into hers since she has more toys. I'm hand feeding her three times a day. It was four times when I first brought her home and they seller had told me it was twice a day. No way. She needs more. She's very smart and I can grab her and pet her back but she won't let me scratch her face. Sigh, just like Bullet. I can scratch her as well as Minion does. Don't know how to convince her of that. Minion has broken nearly all his tail feathers. They were breaking when I got them. He's lousy at landing and jumping. I clipped both my birds and they are way easier to train and manage this way. I bought a large colorful ladder and have already taught them how to use it in case they fall off the cage. The stand for the cage is so nice. Ha, Nautica just fell as I type this. But she got back up. I'll film the set up soon. I found videos and pics of Nautica on the facebook page from the petstore and downloaded them. So nice to see my baby that little. When I bought her she was in a little clear box with a yellow male, I guess her brother, and a cockatiel. I found pics of the male too so I know those are the same birds as they were posted a few days before the show. It bugs me I don't don't her birthday and parantage though. No leg band and they told me they didn't breed her but got her from a breeder and they don't know which one. Something's fishy about that. Sloppy record keeping if it's even true. I don't know of any breeders that ell unweaned babies in bulk. It's rather unheard of. Most of us are reluctant to sell unweaned babies. A lot of these sellers are Spanish and I have noticed they don't get it about pet care the way we do, that they aren't just a business product to be sold. I've dealt with a lot of them and hate how impersonal they are with the birds. So good thing she ended up with me.

On the computer front, I'm loving my new computer. I love how quiet it is and how colorful. I ordered the pink and black chair. Can't wait to get it. They say it will arrive Monday and is coming from Fortworth Texas. I hope I will like it as far as comfort and durability. I hate that these chairs are online only so you can't try them out in a store. I bought white paint and hope to paint the trim or base board around the room. Then I can prepare to paint the whole room light blue.

I'm loving the lotus plants I have gotten too. What fun they are. My Space 36 Lotus is doing great and my fastest grower. My First Fall Lotus is older but only has two leaves. Space is producing five I think and the first two are bigger than when they opened. I can't wait for the first areal leaves. I also got some feeder guppies and two silver mollies for mosquito control. Chris bought those mosquito cakes and I am floored by how they work. There were lots of larva in one of the pots and I tossed in a cake over night. The next morning they were all dead but the plants and fish are unharmed. But with a lack of mosquitoes I have to feed the fish now so I got some flake food. My silver mollies are beautiful and I will take videos of them soon too. I picked up two other lotus breeds. I got a large one named Dream of Sixth Dynasty. It is a large yellow flower verging on green. Very rare color. And I got one called Love Sick Red that is a medium plant but has bright red flowers. Bright red is kind of rare. I see many called Red something but they are pink. Same for purple. They are pink. I don't think purple is in the genes for lotus the way it is for water lilies. I'm loving having found the plant store Bergen Water Gardens. I found them searching for Nepenthes but they have gotten me hooked on Lotus. This last order they send me an extra tuber of Sixth Dynasty. It's funny these plants are Asian and all mostly from China so they have funny names like that. I'm not into Asian stuff but I do like these plants from a botanical and scientific standpoint.

It's been cold for us with nights in the 50s and upper 40s. I hope that will end for good already. I've put all my plants out and don't want to bring them in on an emergency frost or anything. It's almost May for Pete's sake.

Happy early Easter if I don't post tomorrow. Easter totally snuck up on me this year. I partially decorated for it but am not ready. It's a shame because it's one of my two most fave holidays. I feel I got an early Easter gift with Nautica my yellow baby chick.
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