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Glowy computer and turning my room upside down

Ok I finally have pics to share and I'm so tired. Been working on my room, dusting, vacuuming and moving furniture around. So let's post those pics first.

My desk was all pretty. I liked how it was set up but the new puter won't fit so I figured for now until I get my other desk just take the top half off. It was sad to do this last night as this desk was part of my 20s and 30s growing up. It bothers me that it still works and is in fine shape but will have to go because the new set up just won't work with this.

Here it is half way finished. I got rid of the white printer. I hate that thing. You can't refill the cartridges and still too big. I'm getting a new printer anyway.

Finally done. It's so bland without a top. The big black printer has outlived every computer I've ever owned. I think I have had it since the late 90s. The printer part is broken, but I only keep it because it has an awesome scanner for my pencil art. No other scanner out there makes my art so nice to work with in photoshop. All others wash it out. I don't know why HP printers can't be of this quality? But it's so big and in the way and may have to get rid of it. Getting this computer has been both exciting and heart breaking at the same time. I just wonder if I can do art without this thing.

But before that.

My poor art table is full of computer junk. I couldn't work there now if I wanted to. I'll be glad when this is all over. Also in the previous photo I need to get rid of that printer so I can use that wall to move the book shelf that's near the window.

Empty case.

Front view of empty case. Alex's arm on the side. Gosh this thing IS huge.

Ports on the mother board.

I think this is the motherboard.

I think this is the graphics card. If so I think this part has it's own glowy area.

1TB hardrive. This thing is so tiny.

Two 8 GB memory cards in white. These are my faves!! I want to get more and fill all the slots just to have these be glowing as rainbows inside.

Alex sent me these two pics this morning. Here it is all put together. My gosh this is Beautiful!!! The back fan doesn't have lights though so I want to change that out already and have two fans with RGB lights up top too.

OMG it's gorgeous. I haven't even seen it yet. We might go pic it up today. I just haven't bought windows for it yet. I've got way over budget and currently can't afford the windows especially with the bird show tomorrow as the money I have left is set aside for that. We'll see. The price on Windows went up too. Ehhhhh.

Ok, so my desk will be a white top with blue legs and will match the PC. But now I have a dilemma about what chair to get. Here they are both same model. Vertagear SL2000

So here's the dilemma. I like the pink and black best but it won't match my computer or my desk. BUT it will match my art table and its shelf. The white and blue will match the computer desk and PC but I don't think it's as nice as the pink one. I could go either way. Both are similar price. Which do you think is the better choice?

EDIT: Ok, I think I have chosen. Black and pink. It's a rare color and you don't see many companies making chairs in those colors. It's very 80s. Also, they are almost out of stock and if they don't sell well they may not make more. If I like how it feels I can buy the white one later on. Great reviews but you can't know if you like it til you sit in it. But still want to hear which you guys like better.

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