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Vision at last

I finally have a vision of what my set up should look like. I took you alls advice and started to look on Ikea. I found they sell these single table legs for only $4 each. The best thing is they are cylindrical and a very pretty blue. I was in love. They also have a white table top. But it's big. I think it's 73 inches. That means for sure I have to move to the other wall of the room. It's gonna suck but I'll have more room and a better view out the window. And it's not that expensive compared to buying a real desk. I've seen some amazing set ups people have on youtube. Kabulur was right. Getting a computer has completely rearranged my room. I want to paint the walls like I have been saying for years. and then I'd like to draw on them. I think Fear will be the theme of my small room since I eventually want to make the bedroom into Jurassic Park. I definitely need to get a cheap projector that can put my art on the walls so I can trace them.

I got my tower in yesterday which was the last part I needed. Very exciting. Chris came home and we took verything to Alex's. I'll edit this post later today with pics. Gosh my new tower is ridiculously huge but it's beautiful. Can't wait to see it all lit up. And then we got home and sadly began to take my old desk apart. We took off the top shelves and now its a flat desk. I guess once the new one is made I'll be getting rid of this one. Chris said keep some of the wood since I like it and make shelves out of it. Yes that's a option. It's a shame though because I build that desk in the early 00s if not the late 90s. It's been a big part of my life. I will be sad to see it go. I'd love to go to Ikea today and pick up the new desk but it won't fit in my little jeep.

Ok so tomorrow is the bird show. I don't know why I was confused and I thought yesterday was Saturday. I'm taking the gopro and want to film because it's been forever since I went to a bird show. I miss going as a vendor. I hope I can find all the birds on my list and all the supplies I want. I hope there are are budgie breeders there.

I forgot to to mention that I have named most of my Titans. I'm keeping them in groups of siblings.


Noname (needs name)

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