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I haven't been on much but things have been good this time at least. I am still getting mild tummy aches but nothing like it was. I'm better and would rather have this any day than what I went through last time. Chris and I have been having very good days. I've gotten lots of new plants in that I'm quite happy about. I got a new lotus called Space no. 36. There's a funny story behind it that I don't buy. It goes: the Chinese took a seed into space and grew it on the space station. Then they brought it back and now it is being cloned and sold to growers. Because it was born in space it's an alien. The radiation from outer space caused it to mutate and now it grows huge. I love this story but well, there's limited room on the space station and I looked up what plants have been grown in space. Nothing about a lotus. I know the Chinese put plants on the moon and they all died. The only place I keep hearing this story is from plant nurseries which makes me think the companies made this up to sell more plants. Though I don't believe it (I would love it if this were true though) apparently it still worked on me as I'm a sci fi lover and I ended up buying the darn plant anyway. But giant plants are fun to grow. I can't wait for the first leaf to come up on this one. I also got a new amorph called A. fuscus.

Ever since my computer broke and I've had to move into Chris's room temporarily we've kind of quit playing Subnautica. We still love the game but we're just too busy with other stuff now. I hope we aren't done with it as we both did pretty much everything we wanted to do with it. We're still watching Danger Bay on youtube. Chris bought some Batman cupcakes out of the blue the other day. I was so amused by this and we've been eating them while watching eps.

We've mostly been focused on getting the parts for my new computer. Chris was awesome and gave me an advance the other day as I need only 3 more essential parts. I am waiting on the hard drive to arrive today and tomorrow I will get the case and that should be everything. Other than the OS I haven't bought that yet. I left the keyboard at Alex's already but wish I had taken pics as it's so darn cool and has so many color options and effects to choose from. I did get our new RGB mice. Mine is a white rainbow strobing one. I didn't know that. I thought I could pick the color and am disappointed I can't. I like the colors it makes but my theme for my desk will be white, blue and a hint of black. I can't find any wireless white mice you can set the colors for. They all are rainbow only. WHY? I want a white case mouse with icy blue lights. But it is a cool mouse still.

I love the turquoise of course but also the pink.

This is what it looks like turned off.

Here is Chris's black and green mouse. His just has one color. But it's his fave color.

And my USB hub as my computer won't have enough ports in the front or top in my case. Notice Chris's green and black keyboard in the background. Funny story about this hub. This is the blue face one but there is also a black face and I ordered the black one first by mistake. I tried to cancel the order but with Prime it had already shipped so fast. Oops. Well it wasn't that expensive so I told Chris he could have it or we'd give it to someone. Funny enough he loved it when it came. He liked it so much he set it up near his couch so now he doesn't have to get up to go to his computer. Perfect for an INTP haha. So I was happy to accidentally buy it for him. I love my blue one BUT once again it's a rainbow strobing one. WHY is all the white stuff rainbow? I want it to stay just like in the photo. The pic on Amazon looked like that so I thought it was a blue light. The rainbow changing is pretty, but again for my desk my mouse and my hub will be a bit out of place. Mild annoyance but I'm still happy with all this cool new stuff. I do love it all.

Yesterday was a day off and we went out to Walmart to get some supplies. Chris and I are openly loving in public. We had our arms around each other walking into the store and this older black lady was coming towards us. She smiled and jokingly said, "No hugging!" We busted out laughing. Chris said it was a half hug so that's allowed. Now I randomly say, "No hugging" when we hug. Hee hee. One of the things we got at Walmart was a power supply. Chris needed more outlets. We found this yellow one that looked cool on the box. But when we opened it at home it was this ugly industrial yellow. I told Chris I would be glad to paint it if he could take it apart. He did and I had left over lime green paint. So I ended up with an unexpected fun art project. It turned out way better and now matches everything in his room. But it was designed stupidly. You're supposed to be able to hang it on the wall but the way the screw hole is, it's upside down. The text on the lights is also upside down and just very poorly designed. It works though, but clearly the manufacturers didn't know what they were doing. Seems like a case of too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

The bird show I have been waiting for is almost here. It is this Sunday and I hope they'll have some special budgies for me there. I'd love to find a personal pet for me but also some breeder budgies. Here's who I'm hoping to pair up.

Budgie Man. A male ranbow like budgie. Bullet's dad.
Little Blue Brother. A normal blue budgie. I hope he's split to lacewing
Pistol. Female light yellow lacewing. I hope she can breed with her bad leg.

Speaking of bird. Chris and I are fixing up the house and yard. We've made some decent progress but have a long way to go. We have talked about this in the past but we're considering getting a small flock of emus again. The fence needs to be fixed first of course. We'd put in a secure fence they can't jump over. Other than the fence the most expensive thing about this project might be the incubator. I'm amazed how expensive large incubators are. I have always wanted an incubator since I got into bird breeding back in the 90s. But this is a far future project. I hope we can do it sometime. I'd even build a Jurassic Gate from them.
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