Des (thagirion) wrote,

Computer died

I have been holding out for years with my old computer. It has windows 7 ultimate on it. But it's been having issues with shutting off and not able to run programs well like Vegas Move Studio. It's been shutting off on its own for months now. Yesterday it had trouble powering on. Today it did it again but I think it's over now. I hear stuff moving in there but it never turns on to display on the monitor. I wanted to make it last as long as possible because I love Windows 7 and had not wanted to learn to use Windows 10. But everything happened at a good timing. I got my tax return yesterday in the evening. And this morning my computer will not turn on no matter what I do. I have ordered some new parts and Alex said he will build me a new one. I'm excited about a lovely new modern computer but not happy about Windows 10. And there is a scary chance that photo shop and illustrator won't work. In fact I didn't finis a commission and worry I'm going to have to refund the customer because I can't get to the files. I'm typing on my table which I hate. It's not that great as a computer but good for energency like this.

I have ordered the case, keyboard, usb hub and soon to order a mouse. Everything will be a white and turquise theme. It's going to be beautiful. That part I'm excited about. I don't know what it will cost when it's over as Alex will have to get list for me of what to order for the inside. Check out some of the stuff Ive already ordered from my wishlist.

There's even a pretty white and blue printer. My set up will be so pretty. YAY! But it sucks not having photoshop for now. I'm not to worried about my files because I think Alex can save them off the old tower.

I also ordered several plants I have been wanting with this return. So exciting. It will be like Christmas when all this stuff comes in. Chris is going to start ordering parts for his computer soon too. He has the green and black case that is very pretty too. So what should I name my new computer? I'm thinking of calling it Voyager. But I am open to suggestions. So that's what's been going on. I'm not completely cut off from the internet but it sucks not having my computer I know so well and all my programs and links.

EDIT: Chrs and I have been doing well. I'm feeling much better though still have some physical issues. But I'm well enough to work again. We've been working in the yard. Chris has done an amazing job clearing out the back yard. I did the front garden and now I'm working on a small bed on our bedroom side of the house. Everything has been way over grown but it's looking way nicer out there. I need to work on the inside though since I want to meet the June goal. I'm loving how the place is starting to look up.
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