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A Bit Better

Sorry I have not been on much anywhere. I think I'm finally getting better. I still wake up with mild tummy pains but they are so much better than what was going on last month and other things seem to be getting back to normal. I'm actually doing quite well. I've had energy to work in the garden. I've been weeding the front garden and am half done with it. I planted four A. paeonifollius and four tomatoes. I pruned one one tower of dragon fruits because they were growing too many side shoots at the bottom and they need to focus on their main stalk. My other trellis is doing well. I have four types on that. Brunei which is the fastest growing and almost to the top. Condor is also growing well. Amazing to me how this tower with single stems right at the base is doing better than my other one that is chaotic. Frankie's red took a burn from the cool but is still growing. American Beauty got burned badly. I hope it recovers. If not I have one cutting left to replace it with.

I've gotten my first lotus plant. It's a micro lotus. Here is a short video
Not much to see yet and I am new and don't know much about these plants. It is a micro lotus called First Fall and supposed to be able to grow in a tiny bowl. But the tubber I got was too small for my first tiny pot. I was a bit disappointed in that because I have seen photos of them in very small pots with tiny leaves and flowers. I don't know if those are real photos or I just got a root that was too big. Speaking of water plants, some of you might remember that years ago I picked up some really cute mini water lilies Nymphoides spp. I had at least two types. A white flower and a yellow flower type. Unfortunately we stopped doing our yearly pond clean up and they all died from leaves falling on them and then duckweed covering the surface. We will clean the pond again this year but I had something very rare. It's been so hard finding a store that carries them that is legit. The place I got them from last time has a bad reputation and my experience with them was not so good, but not as bad as what they have done to other people. I had found another one called Arizona pond or something like that. I even went as far as registering, but then something told me it was odd they had everything I wanted. I decided to check for reviews and oh my gosh they had worse reviews than the other place. I kept finding others and then read a review they were all the same company. WTF? What is it that these kinds of plants attract psychotic people that just lie and rip people off. I don't understand how companies like this stay in business. When I sell something I give my best customer service. When I sold birds my babies were the best and my customers were always happy. In theory bad companies should bust but they don't. I don't get it. Anyway, I found one other place that looks legit. They even have a youtube channel. They are PongMegaStore. I ordered Nymphoides geminata, N. indica and N. crestata. I have to be careful to not confuse these N's with Nepenthes. They had mostly good reviews on Dave's Garden Watchdog. So I ordered. I hope they ship soon within the week. As for where I bought my lotus from, Begen Water Gardens, I am nothing but pleased with this company. I wish they carried Nymphoides.

As for art I am majorly behind on projects. I am working on a commission that should have been done by now. Got a nit picky customer and hopefully the last version I sent is finally right and things aren't a millimeter off. This is the first month I have not finished a Bullet Journal which sucks. And I basically missed all of last month as far as writing in it. I was going to do Gilligan's Island but that will be too hard for characters I don't know how to draw yet. So I will do a fast layout with easy drawings. This month's theme will be budgies and I'll draw and use stickers mostly to try to get it done soon. I will still do Gilligan's Island. It will just be for another month.

Today is a day off and I'm looking forward to going out some places. We are celebrating our monthly anniversary a day early. We're still playing Subnautica. I need to find time to make a video for that too. But right now I'm also super behind on videos. I have sorted the driving videos for Novemmeber and need to start editing those. I'm doing a two part packing travel video. Need to finish part 2. And a bunch of plant updates also need to be done. This year has been nothing but delays. Oh and one bit of bad news I'm not happy about. I missed my April 1st deadline for my resolution. Not happy about that. It is not bumped to finish the stupid house by June 1st. I hope we make it.
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