Des (thagirion) wrote,

Some stuff I've been up to

I'm so behind on my art again. I got some inking done on my Bullet journal today. Inking is almost done and I can finally start to color it. I hope I can get it done soon so I can post a video about it already. Chris bought me some colored clay. I am looking forward to start using it and will try to make a figure of Scary Fear. I hope I can make one half as cool as I imagine him. I just have to pick a pose for him. Not sure what. I'm considering the Storm Crow pose.

Playing Subnatica with Chris has been a lot of fun. We've recorded some funny glitches that I hope to make a video about soon. Yesterday we played all day and I helped him build the coolest garden in front of his base. We collected all the plants in the game and planted them. Except the Tiger plant which shoots thorns at you. I wish if you planted it that it would be on your side and not attack you.

The Ebay guy that I bought the budgie record from wrote me back and told me that sometimes items going back happens and to be patient. See communication is important. That calmed me and I told him I would wait. I then had the realization that I think I know what happened. It made it to Jacksonville but might have been missed and left on the truck and the truck went back to DC. So it is coming back now. I saw it pass through Greensboro NC and now it's in Jacksonville again. I'm guessing I'll get it tomorrow. As well as getting my budgie commissions, both the plush budgies and the budgie sculptures. I can't wait. I think tomorrow will be a big budgie mail day for me.
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